We get it. Taking the time to work on yourself and your life is a big investment and may not always hit the top of the priority list. That’s why we’re here! To make it easier! We introduced the Accountability Partner (AP) program to help enhance your membership and offer greater community and support.  Your Accountability Partner (AP) will help you stay on track and keep the promises you’ve made to yourself. And odds are, if they’re an ALV member, they’re probably pretty cool too.


What do I do?

Don’t worry – you don’t need special training to become an accountability partner. It’s easy. As an accountability partner, take some time to review the following when you first meet your partner:

Get to know your partner! This is fun, guys!

Understand your partner’s goal(s)

Ask why this goal is important?

What does success look like?

Talk through what progress looks like?

Talk through what lack of progress looks like

Ask how you can support your partner and hold them accountable?

In subsequent conversations, work with your partner and be on the lookout for any derailers, ask how they are doing and try to end the conversation with how you can continue to support.

What Should We Talk About?

Anything and everything! You Accountability Partner is like a friend, but one that you can feel 100% safe around.

Some questions you might like to ask are:

What are your current goals?

Why are these important to you?

How are these goals going?

Is there anything you’d like me to check-in with you on regularly?

What are the biggest challenges/obstacles for you right now?

What solutions have you thought of for these?

It’s also a great idea to support your accountability partner by sharing things such as:

Books that you love or that have really helped you

TED talks that you found really interesting or inspirational

Powerful strategies that you have used in the past

Contacts that you may have that might be able to help your Accountability Partner

Questions to help your accountability partner think of things in a different way

Email check-ins to see how your accountability parter is going on their goals

I Have a Question

Can I switch my partner? If you feel like you are not getting the most from your partner, we can help you get a new one. Just fill out this form.

Do I have to tell my partner everything? No. You choose what you want to tell your partner and what you don’t want to tell your partner. It’s really up to you how you want to utilize this relationship.

What happens if my partner doesn’t want to meet? Life happens. We understand that everyone is busy and perhaps your partner is too. You may work with your partner to identify mutual ways to meet; however, if that’s not working for you, request a new partner by contacting us.

Do I have to have an accountability partner? No you don’t. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do but we strongly recommend you have one. Accountability is a core foundation of making a change and without it, you may get side tracked. But you are the master of your life so you decide what’s best for you. By default, all members receive an accountability partner, so if you would rather not have one, please let us know here.

Can I have more than one partner?  Yes. Contact us and we can set you up with a second partner!

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