Author: John Roccia

what makes ama la vida coaching different

Any way you look at it, there’s a lot of advice out there.  Ranging from the formal to the informal, from books to seminars to coaches of all stripes, there’s an abundance of voices out there offering you guidance and wisdom in your career journey. And that’s a great thing!  People are unique, and so […]

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How To Interview Questions

Welcome to the second installment of the How to Interview series!  In the first installment, I discussed the right (and wrong!) mentalities to carry with you into the interview process.  That’s good to read first because having the right mindset will help everything else make sense and make you feel more prepared and confident. In […]

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two people learning how to interview

Welcome to the first in our series of articles on mastering the interview process.  If you’re like most people, interviews are not something you look forward to! Chances are, that’s because you’re approaching them with the wrong mindset. Most people do. I’ve conducted thousands of interviews, both “live” and in training scenarios. There are certain patterns I’ve […]

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