This is My Story

Bachelors of Arts Psychology, Hampton University
Life And Career Coach Certification, Life Purpose Institute
Creative Catalyst Journey Certification, Hay House Author Jennifer Grace

Hi, my name is Allynn Taylor and I am from Atlanta, Ga! My journey started when I would visit my cousin during college to receive what I thought was sound advice. Every time we would spend time together I felt “light” afterward. From spending time with her I discovered answers to my own questions. I felt like I was being heard and understood without feeling that I was being judged.  After a while, I asked her what type of work she did and discovered she was a business coach for corporate companies. That is when the light went off in my head and realized I was being coached and understood the true value of it.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology from Hampton University, I made the decision to go down a similar career path as my cousin and became a certified life coach. Beginning wasn’t easy because I didn’t know where to exactly start so I turned my grief of feeling stuck in life into the fuel needed to do something positive.  I started a motivational text list to encourage myself as well as a few friends and after two years of people sharing my messages my text list grew to well over 800 subscribers, who were encouraged and motivated by my messages. The positive response from family and friends confirmed to me to continue to follow my passion so I could serve others at a higher capacity.

After completing my certification process in 2014, I applied the various tools and techniques I learned from the Life Purpose Institute with my clients. One day I was listening to Hay House radio and I came across Hay House author Jennifer Grace, who was discussing getting Unstuck and getting out of your own way. At that time I had my coaching certification but was stuck on what my expertise should be. That dilemma caused me to procrastinate on achieving my coaching goals so I enrolled in her program. The program helped me to silence my inner critic, gain clarity, make wise choices, and overcome emotional blocks. Upon completing it, Jennifer was looking for a few certified life coaches to get additional training and teach the program to others and I was selected and certified to teach this program where my clients can learn over 70 fun, unique and easy coaching tools to help them get unstuck in their career or personal life.

With the combination of compassion for the world, passion for work and tools and techniques from all of the certifications I have received, I help my clients utilize both their heads and their hearts to live a more meaningful life.

My Coaching Approach

My fundamental coaching belief is: You always know, or YAK. Whether we’re talking about the right path, the wrong direction, or the clarity you’re searching for, I believe you will always know what the answer is from asking the right questions.  I empower my clients with the proper tools and techniques, so they can achieve their biggest dreams. I help them take action in pursuit of their goals and ambitions.

My favorite clients believe:

That life is too amazing to be unhappy or unfulfilled and they are committed to overcoming whatever lies in their way. 

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