This is My Story

Health Coach & Life Coach Certified, Health Coach Institute
Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of California San Diego

Hi! My name is Erin and I am a personal coach with Ama La Vida. My journey to coaching was a long one and as they say, it’s never a straight line. I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago and went to San Diego for a BA in Psychology. I fell in love with the field, but one class on Positive Psychology transformed how I thought about mental health. I decided I didn’t want to pursue the path of therapist, but a path of personal empowerment and happiness, without even knowing how I’d move forward. While working at a university, I studied servant leadership during my Master’s program, which helped mold my ideal vision for a career serving others. After a while in San Diego, I moved back to live in the big city of Chicago and not quite sure of my next steps, started a job in finance as an administrative associate. Never the passion, but the means to pursue my passion. Over the years, I found coaching and realized it incorporated both ideas of personal empowerment and leadership. Having pursued Health and Life Coaching certifications, I’m certain this is the path I was meant to be on. The line may never be straight, but I learned to trust that choices aligned with my values would lead me in the right direction.

I came to the conclusion that we can create our own happiness and wellness in our lives, even if it starts in one area, with one step. Simple action steps and aligning those steps with our values can lead to massive results over time. As coaches, we are here to serve you, help you pursue goals and achieve results, so your best selves and gifts shine.

This is My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach developed in the health and wellness space. Years before coaching, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness which drove me to take a close look at how I was taking care of myself and my health. While health became a top priority in my life, it also helped me look at other areas which could be improved, including finances, career, relationships, personal development, even joy. I was taught, “how you do one thing, is how you do everything.” If you can start to improve one area of your life, the momentum will spill into other areas desiring attention. My personal experience helped mold my coaching approach in many ways, and holistic wellness became my passion not only for myself, but for clients I serve.

As your coach, you will be empowered in a safe, judgement-free zone, to holistically explore those areas that are of highest priority to you right now, identify the goals of greatest importance and any roadblocks holding you back. We will establish action steps for you to implement immediately and I will support you in achieving your self-made promises. My goal for you is to experience a transformation throughout our coaching relationship, no matter how small, but undoubtedly significant. Transformation takes time and patience and we will celebrate all of your achievements together.

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