This is My Story

Jill Dreisilker

Certified Health & Wellness Coach – Hungry for Happiness Coaching Certification

Hi there! I am so excited you’re here because that means you’re ready to make some powerful changes in your life. Sometimes that’s the hardest part! So congratulations, you’re already a huge step in the right direction.

My name is Jill, and I am a Certified Health Coach with ALV. I was born and raised in the suburbs and proudly call Chicago my home. I love being outside as much as I can, even during the winter. I love yoga, bowling, food, all things health and wellness and of course, my Golden Retriever named Kevin. I find pleasure in enjoying the little things in life, like comfy clothes, puppy yawns and fresh flowers. 

My foundational coaching belief is that everyone has the power to change their life no matter what their past looks like. 

My journey to becoming a health coach is a rollercoaster of a ride, but I’m grateful for it every day. My history was dictated by eating disorders and diet traps. Not only did these bad habits affect my physical, mental and emotional health, but my relationships, career, finances and just about every other area of my life suffered as well.

I was lost. I felt stuck for many years. However, my story takes a drastic change when I started with a health coach of my own.

I’m so grateful for every up and down on my journey because it’s given me more experience and practice as a health coach than I ever could have imagined. I’ve taken my years of experience and research and extracted the most impactful tools and science-based practices to help my clients embody self-acceptance and confidence in all areas of their lives. 

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My Coaching Approach

I believe having a healthy mind, body and soul is the foundation to living a confident, happy and fulfilling life. The more confident we feel, the easier it is to make healthy choices that actually feel good for us.

Everyone’s definition of health and wellness looks and feels different, which is why my approach to coaching is highly personalized for each clients’ individual needs and lifestyle. 

No matter what blocks or limiting beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck, we will work through them together so you have a clear path and life-long tools to help you achieve your goals and live your healthiest and best life.

What to expect from working together:

  • I believe in a holistic approach to anything in life which is why my program is a combination of realistic, science-based tactics and my personal touch of mysticism.
  • We will set goals that are attainable but push you outside your comfort zone. When we want to make any change in our lives, we have to try things that we haven’t before.
  • Health and wellness is not a linear journey. There will be ups and downs, but I promise to guide you through every turn with the tools to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re a wellness newbie or personal health expert, we can always be bettering.

This is for you if:

  • You’re stuck. You’ve tried all the diets, workouts and personal training sessions but still don’t feel comfortable in your body
  • You often find yourself trying to be “good” after a “bad” weekend
  • You compare yourself to other women, feeling like you’re not ____ enough, unworthy or less than
  • You want to learn more about health, wellness, repairing your relationship to food and your body, and how to restructure your self-care routine to help you feel your absolute best every single day
  • You want to feel confident, empowered and worthy so you can start living your best, most authentic, healthiest life
  • You’re open-minded, motivated, excited and can’t wait to add a new chapter to your wellness journey, one that will have a happy and healthy ending

From The Horse's Mouth...

Working with Jill has completely changed my life! I was someone who has been on a “diet” for the past 15+ years of my life. I would lose weight just to put that weight back on and then some. It was a constant battle between losing and gaining and never being happy with myself. After working with Jill she made me realize I needed to focus on ME and who I am and not my body.”

“Jill has taught me to be the best most authentic version of myself- not only with physical health- but with mental and emotional health too! I thought I was going to go into this to fix my dieting struggles but she helped me with so much more than that. Now that I have completed my time with her I am no longer dieting- which is such a freeing experience. I also have realized how to be the highest version of myself! I’m an all around more positive and happy person thanks to her help!”

“In the few months that I worked with Jill, I experienced insane levels of growth. She taught me skills I use every day. She taught me how to tune in and listen to my body and it’s intuition. And it has been life-changing. Before I met Jill, I had only vaguely heard of the term alignment. And now I have experienced the juiciness and utter magic of living in alignment and I am in love!”

“An amazing thing about food emotionality work with Jill is that we didn’t talk about my binge eating at all and yet over the course of a few months, as we worked on healing deeper wounds I found that not only was I more in tune with my body, but I didn’t have the urge to binge as much. I went from sometimes bingeing for two weeks straight to being able to have gaps of 4-5 days at a time where I don’t binge eat at all! This work is so worth it!”

“My favorite part about working with Jill was her patience and encouragement for me. We tackled big things and she helped me recognize what patterns I had still in place. I felt safe, understood supported. She believed in me.”

Ready to try coaching?