This is My Story

kristin vierra

Certified Project Manager (PMP)
Bachelor of Arts, Business Economics & Accounting, Spanish Minor (UCSB)


Hi! My name is Kristin and I’m so excited to work with you!

I’m a Life and Career Coach at Ama La Vida. I grew up in Mountain View, California, which is now more popularly known as Google’s headquarters. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I relocated and spent several years in San Francisco, California.

I kicked off my career working as an Auditor at a Big 4 Accounting firm, which provided valuable professional services experience interacting with a diverse range of clients. However, I soon discovered that accounting was not my lifelong career. Through self-exploration and the support of a career coach, I transitioned into the Human Resources field. My love for people and supporting their happiness and fulfillment in the workplace made it an excellent fit. 

I’ve been fortunate to gain a diverse range of Human Resources experience in the Silicon Valley tech space working in early to late-stage start-ups. After working as a Recruiter, I transitioned to a Project Management role, where I implemented projects to improve the hiring process, candidate experience and the overall happiness of internal employees.

I have a passion for travel and exploring new cultures. Three years ago I went on a life-changing solo backpacking trip through Central America which inspired my move to Buenos Aires a year later. I made the move abroad to gain fluency in Spanish, grow and expand my mindset while immersing in a new culture. I have been supporting local candidates in navigating the job search process by providing resume writing assistance, interview support, and general guidance on job search best practices. 

My career transitions, experience as a Human Resource professional and life experiences traveling and living abroad have fueled my passion for helping others to find greater fulfillment. My mission as a coach is to help people empower themselves to take action and create the movement needed to find more fulfillment in their day-to-day. One lesson my journey has taught me is the ability to create change through movement. This can be from a small action step like updating a resume to making a significant move across the globe. I’m here to help equip others with the resources to build self-trust, confidence and feel empowered to make moves and create the changes they are seeking in their career and/or lifestyle. 

I look forward to getting to know more about you and supporting you through your journey!

My Coaching Approach

I believe every individual is capable of creating the change needed to live the life they love with greater fulfillment.  We often get so caught up in our busy schedules and the grind of life that we struggle to find the time and lose sight of our own needs. I’m here to support you in finding the time to show up and empower yourself to create the movement needed to find more fulfillment in your day-day. I’ll bring kindness, compassion and a safe space to each session. I will not be afraid to challenge you and offer the needed push as you work towards living out your best life.  You have all of the answers within you. You just need to uncover those answers with guidance, support and accountability along the way.

When it comes to working with me as a coach, this is what you can expect:

Trust!- This space is always a safe, judgment-free space where you can bring your authentic self to every session with full honesty and openness. Everything that is shared is highly confidential and your best interests are always top of mind.

To feel valued/heard- I will always be listening. I will listen to your needs and will adjust the process (if necessary) to what works best for you. While we have a standard process, every individual is different. I’ll be sure that you always feel heard and valued so that your coaching journey is customized to how you thrive.

Accountability & Action- I will support you as you transform your goals into action. I will be there to check-in and hold you accountable, offer encouragement and the extra push when needed and most importantly, celebrate your wins!

This is for YOU if:

  • You feel stuck- you’re feeling “stuck” in your career or lifestyle and are itching for change to find growth and fulfillment
  • You have big dreams and ambitions but are fearful of change or unsure of where to start
  • You’re ready to ditch the 9-5 cubicle life and pursue a fully remote career for more flexibility
  • You are ready to make a career change but unsure of how to navigate the job search process
  • You want to make a big move across the globe- but are fearful of the unknown and large change

My expertise areas include:

  • Life & career coaching
  • Interview support & coaching
  • Resume writing
  • Job search techniques & best practices

If this sounds like you, I would love to support you on your journey to living with more fulfillment.

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