This is My Story

BS Economics, Arizona State University 

Hi, I’m Melissa! I was previously an “I don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up” adolescent who grew into a “Find myself via process of elimination” method actor. I’ve worked for the United States Treasury, The White House, The Boeing Company, The Walt Disney Company and now Facebook so I’m well on my way to have a full Bingo card by retirement. I interviewed potential candidates and managed direct reports in my previous positions and have a good sense of what top companies are looking for in job candidates.

After helping A LOT of friends with their resumes or interview prep for MBA programs and different opportunities – I realized I loved doing it when I pulled up a resume to format it again at 2 AM one night.

As a Career Specialist, I’m so excited to help people find that job that seems just a little out of reach. Or make a long overdue transition out of a movie they weren’t supposed to be cast in. When I realized my first job out of college wasn’t the right for me it was a long path to correct course that could have been much faster with what I know now.

I can relate to people who come from a nontraditional background and who don’t look like the other job candidates on paper and people who want to make a change to a field where they have no contacts or connections. I can’t wait to work with you to break down your unachievable goals into achievable action steps!