This is My Story

Strategy and Brand Specialist

Hi, thanks for dropping by! My name is Randalyn Hill, but I’m known to most as Randi or to the ALV team as Shurley (however, that’s a story for another time!) In my current role as a Relationship Development Specialist here at Ama La Vida I’m responsible for creating meaningful and unique experiences for the ALV family. I work hand in hand with every one of our coaches to best support/encourage/and cheer on every client we’re coaching. My goal every day when I’m at work is to make our clients feel like superstars.

It’s no surprise that my empathic nature is what drives my passion for client experience and success! I strive to model transparent and vulnerable relationships within the ALV team and within the extended ALV family as a whole.

With a background in retail and customer engagement, I’ve spent lots of time honing in my relationship building skills to give clients a stellar experience from day 1! I operate best in transparent environments that support a vulnerable culture of community.

On a personal note, my favorite foods are pizza and chocolate and anything gluten-free. My hobbies include photography, writing, figure skating, traveling, and reading my life away! I love rainy nights with Christmas lights, but my favorite weather is bright and warm.

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