This is My Story

Relationship Development Specialist

Hi! My name is Randalyn and I’m a Relationship Development Specialist here at Ama La Vida.

I grew up in a tiny little city called New Castle, PA. I’ve spent the last few years accomplishing very normal things in very uncommon ways! See, I’ve never really handled limitations of how I should be living or what I should be doing well. I often feel that limitations can be the end all be all of success. I, however, choose to see success as excellence. Excellence then has to develop a new definition, a working definition. Building off what was once excellence as I learn, grow, and experience new things. This allows my excellence to continue to grow. This sort of excellence looks like spending countless hours geocaching with kids I babysat to minimize the amount of TV they watched. This excellence looks like communicating a story worth hearing, allowing me to go overseas twice last year within 4 months! Excellence, as a working definition looks like trial and error, like fearlessness and failure.

In my role here at Ama La Vida, I’m focused on helping businesses get the most out of what ALV has to offer. Through working with you it’s my goal is to help your business achieve a new kind of excellence. The kind that like wine, gets better with time.

So what are you waiting for, let’s get in touch!


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