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randalyn hill
Strategy and Brand Specialist

Hi! My name is Randalyn Hill, though most people call me Randi. As a Strategy and Brand Specialist, I spend my days ideating, creating, and executing the vision we have to grow Ama La Vida. 

My role is to think 10 steps ahead about what Ama La Vida can be and then help us get there. Right now, the scope of my role is much bigger than any one activity, so it changes day-to-day and keeps me on my toes! Since my role is broad it tends to be somewhat unpredictable, though, I really enjoy bouncing around because it allows me to do just enough of everything so I don’t get bored. Some days this looks like event planning, and some days it’s hosting webinars. Most of the time it’s working on bigger projects like building out the website and growing the blog, formulating our 2020 growth strategy, redoing and standardizing our resume process and building out the ALV Health and Wellness Method.

When I start talking about my life here at ALV, most people smile and nod and then politely ask me, “How in the world did you get this job?!” 

Well, for me life has always been about rewriting the rules and what people thought was possible. From a young age, my parents noticed a bright and bold spirit residing within me. Thankfully, instead of squashing it, my parents taught me to harness it. Growing up they often allowed me the freedom to make decisions and try new things even if I wasn’t sure about them. They taught me how to be resilient and learn from my mistakes, while also modeling how to work hard and rest harder. 

These character traits have stuck with me through the years and have been anchor points in my life as I kickstarted my career. After graduating high school at 16 and working through the Praxis Apprenticeship program, I landed a B2B sales role here at Ama La Vida. Since my initial role in October of 2018, I’ve made my way around the company by moving into Customer Success and then continuing into my current role as a Strategy and Brand Specialist. 

While being here at Ama La Vida I have grown faster and bigger than I ever thought was possible. While growing in my own role here, I’ve also been able to grow with the team and the company. Not only have I been able to grow in my own role here at the company and grow with the team and the business I’ve also been able to grow myself as a young professional. In September of 2019, I was honored to make Chicago Inno’s 25 Under 25 list along with being featured in some press commentary. Being a part of the Ama La Vida team is like the perfect mix of sunshine and water for a plant. It’s given me the opportunity to thrive.

During my time here with Ama La Vida I’ve come to embody the truth that life is meant to be loved. While I don’t have many work opportunities to compare but, it’s very evident that I have what I like to call a unicorn job. Ama La Vida has provided me with the autonomy and flexibility to work from anywhere, do what interests me, and try a lot of new things. 

Despite my eclectic small-town roots all my adventures have further confirmed that I believe: 

  • A good cup of coffee makes any morning better 
  • Nurturing plants helps you better understand and process the seasons you physically live 
  • Life, every aspect of it, is meant to be loved 

So for now until, well, forever, you’ll find me here – doing all the things, watering the plants, making good coffee, and loving my whole life.

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