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This is My Story

Life Coaching Certification (Beyond NLP, Sydney University)
Foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy  (Beyond NLP, Sydney University)
Masters of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Beyond NLP, Sydney University)
Graduate Cert in Business Management (Australian Institute of Management)
 Advanced Certificate in Public Speaking and Training (Bsi Learning)
National Committee Member for UN Women

Hi there, my name is Rebecca Sparks and I am a fully qualified, successful and passionate Life and
Career Coach for Ama La Vida, with over 15 years’ experience in Corporate Leadership, Business
Management, Coaching and Professional Development.

I am also a Writer, Speaker, Well-Being enthusiast, a Body Language fanatic and, above all,
wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves. It is this unique combination of
skills and experience that has allowed me to develop into the coach I am today.

I believe there is no greater gift than helping someone discover their hidden talents – the ones that
make them unique and exceptional.   I love the experience of sharing knowledge and information
with people that allows them to make different decisions for themselves, as well as helping them
improve their overall life experience.

I believe there are certain times in everyone’s life, where we all need a helping hand to overcome
obstacles and to decide what it is we actually want from life and our careers. Through my coaching, I
am working hard to share this philosophy with my clients and to help them make the important
changes they desire.

Above all, I want to encourage women, from around the world, to be brave, grow, seek more
information, embrace new ideas and ultimately help create the life and career that they deserve.

This is My Coaching Approach

Am I the right coach for you?

This is such an important question to ask before you engage with any coach. Working with a coach is
like being in an intimate relationship. You have to be yourself and feel comfortable putting it all out
there – your fears, your joys, your sadness – without any judgement or hesitancy. Only then will you
get the most out of coaching and will your coach be of value to you.
So am I the right coach for you?

  • Are you looking to make changes in your life or career but you are missing the clarity and
    steps to do so?
  • Have you been unhappy in your career for a while but are unclear on what to do about it?
  • Do you have the desire to make some big changes in your life or career, but do not know
    where to start?
  • Are you wanting to make a big change in your career, but feel very restricted by your other
    life commitments (Finance, Family, External Expectations)?
  • Do you feel you need help discovering your true purpose and aligning this with your career
  • Have you experienced great success in your career, but no longer feel passionate about your
    career and you are unsure what to do about it?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then I would love to work with you.  These are
specific career and life milestones which I specialise in within my coaching.  Therefore, I would love
to help you overcome these challenges and proactively help empower you as you move through
these milestone stones with ease, clarity and positive intention.

How would I describe my style and expertise is:

·        Empowering
·        Considered
·        Results Driven
·        Empathic
·        Confidential
·        Transformative

My formal coaching qualifications are within Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, as
well as have 5 years’ experience in both the corporate and personal coaching environment.  This
means I have a very flexible approach and can generally adapt to the requirements of the coaching
client and environment.

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