This is My Story

Organization and Leadership Coaching, Northwestern University
M.S. Learning and Organizational Change, Northwestern University
B.S. Business Administration, University of Colorado at Boulder
Hogan Assessment Certified

More than anything, I love helping people. In my 20+ years in business and management consulting across industries and around the globe, I have helped clients in a number of roles – from product development and software implementation, to training and culture transformation.  Through Coaching, I have the privilege of guiding people along a self-awareness journey that opens up new possibilities for how they show up, interact with others and achieve new results. Helping people have “aha” moments about who they are, how they can press forward, and what they can achieve is the most intrinsically rewarding work I have ever done. My passion is helping senior executives and emerging leaders elevate their personal learning journey so they can accelerate their performance and thrive at work. As the saying goes, “When we love what we do, it doesn’t feel like work.

This is My Coaching Method

Who is the right coach for you?
This is an important question to ask before you engage with any coach. Working with a coach is like being in an intimate relationship. You have to be yourself and feel comfortable putting it all out there – your fears, your joys, your sadness – without any judgement or hesitancy. Only then will you get the most out of coaching and will your coach be of value to you.

Am I the right coach for you?
My ideal clients are:


  • People who want to thrive where they are at, and thrive where they are going!
  • Individuals who have an important goal and want to do everything possible to achieve it.
  • Individuals that value personal growth/development.
  • People who are already successful and want to achieve more.
  • Individuals, teams and organizations focused on continuous improvement, innovation and strategic transformation.
  • Past clients include: C-level and Senior Executives, Non-profit Directors, Consultants, and team leaders in IT, Sales, and Operations.

If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, you’re the type of person I want to work with and I know we’ll achieve greatness together. You’ll read below a detailed description of my coaching style.

How I would describe my style and expertise is:

  • I use a humanistic-cognitive approach in my coaching practice. This approach says each of us is whole, containing everything we need already. Through a journey of self-discovery, I help highly motivated individuals obtain more of what they want sooner.
  • I use the latest research in neuroscience and social science to help clients shift their behavior so they can achieve new results.
  • I use empathetic listening, reframing and assessment tools to help clients surface, unpack and reset mindset blocks.
  • I use client observations, reflection and commitments to help clients broaden their perspective and courageously take action to meet their goals.
  • I use the client’s goals and ideal self as the vision and success metric for the coaching journey.

My coaching philosophy is:

  • We all have room to grow.
  • Possibilities exist beyond what we currently see.
  • What we most desire is available.
  • We already have what we need to move forward.

I believe coaching is a journey of self-discovery to help individuals and teams obtain new results.

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Christy Purcell

Working with Tamika Pumphry was valuable to me and my career. Tamika is intuitive and keenly focused on providing incredible insight and recommendations to create professional and successful forward-thinking solutions. I am grateful for our incredible working relationship.