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Grow Coaching Certification, Boeing
Coaching Immersion Training, Boeing
Masters Business Administration, University of Phoenix
Bachelors of Arts Marketing, Washington State University

This is my story

I’m Jennifer Maynard, the Director of Corporate Partnerships at Ama La Vida. My goal is to ensure that we are creating the best programs and delivering the best service possible to our customers. I work closely with clients to customize programming to their needs and ensure a successful engagement. At Ama La Vida, we believe that there doesn’t need to be a tradeoff between success and happiness and that with the right tools, coaching and accountability, everyone can find meaning and purpose in their work. We help people stop dreading the alarm clock and start making an impact.

I landed here after a long journey of self exploration where I, too, was trying to discover how to love my work. I never would have dreamed that my path would take me where I am today.  

My life took its first huge pivot when I had my one and only child, Grace, in 2014. After a bad return to work experience for both my husband and I, we decided to take a vacation to get away. We packed our bags and headed to Costa Rica. We were impacted so much on that trip that, six months later, we decided to go back. We both left our decade-long Boeing careers behind and moved to Costa Rica for a year. We lived the adventure of a lifetime and spent the year exploring, relaxing, surfing, cooking, eating tropical fruit, playing and growing together.

Leaving Boeing wasn’t easy. I had years of growth and support. I’d been a manager, they paid for schooling and certificates. It was where I learned to be a coach and spent countless hours coaching others. But the adventure and pivot were calling. While on our journey, I explored leadership coaching as a full-time career. I started a business and ran my own coaching company for 5 years before joining the Ama La Vida team.

At Ama La Vida we want our clients to love their lives and feel like they are making a difference and an impact. As the Director of Leadership Solutions, I get to work with great organizations striving to do this for their people every day! If you’re ready to help your people, teams and leaders love their work, reach out and let us know how we can support you!

A few of my favorite resources


“I had such an amazing experience going through this program with Jennifer’s coaching and guidance. She really helped me realize my individual potential and helped me grow my skill set. She was always really transparent and truthful and that made me trust her. She as an absolute joy to work with! The modules helped to keep me on track and provided great examples and resources that I will continue to refer back to and use. Investing in this program was the best decision I have ever made!”
~Manager Healthcare, Nanda B

“Thank you Jennifer! I could not have achieved this without you, your encouragement and your guidance! I knew you had my back every step of the way … and it was so appreciated.”
~Recently promoted to CEO, Leilani T.

“Jennifer has been a great resource and coach during a transition period in work and life for me. She builds genuine connections with people, quickly collaborates on developing a plan for any situation and follows up throughout. I am very thankful to have known her for a while now, and can wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to any individual or business/organization.”
~ G. Saffel, Cyber Security Planning Lead

“Jennifer is wonderful at helping clients to see outside the box. She gave me both the encouragement I needed, and the thinking partnership required, to obtain an opportunity that I never thought possible. I am now in a dream job that I thought would take decades to find, with many amazing opportunities as a result.”

~C. McKinney, Strategy Integration Leader

“Jennifer is wonderful at helping clients to see outside the box. She gave me both the encouragement I needed, and the thinking partnership required, to obtain an opportunity that I never thought possible. I am now in a dream job that I thought would take decades to find, with many amazing opportunities as a result.”
~C. McKinney, Strategy Integration Leader

“No matter how much journaling and self-reflection I did, the countless self-assessments and quizzes I took…I still felt – stuck. Surprisingly, I had the answers all along. But, it took someone to ask the right questions in the right way, to collect and mine the data and mirror it back for me in such a way that I could start to see the answers for myself. Jen Maynard is a gifted coach, a committed partner, and unwavering champion. Working with her has helped me get un-stuck, moving towards living out a life plan that is authentic and ambitious and most importantly feels right!”
~R. Ambrose, VP Marketing

My sessions with Jennifer came at a crucial point in my life when I had some big decisions to make regarding my career. Jennifer asked thought-provoking questions, provided great resources, and listened well. She is personable and warm and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I’m still in the process of making some of those big decisions, but now I have the tools, which we created together, to go back to and reflect upon. My confidence in making next step decisions has increased and I have a much clearer idea of the path I want to be on.”
~ R. Jackson, Musician & Teacher

“Jennifer is awesome! She’s a great listener and really helped me keep focused on my career goals, which were reached! She is very flexible in her approach and can provide advice/perspective no matter what line of work you’re in or where you are in your career! Highly recommended!”—“Friends and family are nice, but sometimes don’t have the expertise when going through career issues. That’s where ALV and Jennifer come in. Jennifer has been amazing helping navigate through transitions at work. She is able to help me tackle problems by talking things through and breaking it down into pieces that are more manageable. The modules also help you to figure out what drives you authentically, not what you are supposed to think or say. The sessions are worth the peace of mind knowing that there is someone in your corner to help support you professionally.”
~ President non-profit, Roxanne A.

Ama La Vida has been instrumental in both my professional and personal development, I’m so fortunate to have worked with Jennifer Maynard. She is a leadership, coaching and communications expert who is highly skilled at helping people uncover their own passions and navigate through most any challenge, opportunity. or plan. My weekly meetings with Jennifer were easily the highlight of my week. I gained insights, perspective, knowledge, and a lifelong friend. The ALV materials are designed in a way that makes them easy to work through at an individual pace. The educational modules serve as great reference materials as well. I have found countless applications of the materials in my everyday professional and personal life. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to invest in themself. The return on investment will be above expectation!
~ Melylni S.

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