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This is my story

Hey, hola, xin chào, marhaba, salut! I’m Jérémy Chevallier.

I was a tiny kid until late high school, which taught me how painful it is to be the underdog. I’ve been driven by equity and justice ever since. This life experience has defined my adult self more than almost anything else.

In short, I thrive on helping people gain equity and agency in their lives.

I specialize in helping people discover and do work that makes them come alive.

Throughout my experience coaching Crash job seekers, I’ve absorbed an astoundingly effective array of career-building principles that I want to share with you now. When you become my coaching client, you will learn (by doing) to:

  • Discover exciting job opportunities that aren’t on job boards
  • Skip the resume pile and win interviews faster
  • Negotiate compensation (including equity whenever possible) that will make you want to show up and do your best work every single day
  • Build a career that feels like play, not work 🤹‍♂️

I also specialize in coaching entrepreneurial-minded people who want to become self-employed and/or build a business on the Internet. I’ve done this for dozens of students in my company, GigLoft, and now I coach exclusively through Ama La Vida.

If you want to move in this direction, you will learn (by doing) to:

  • Experiment with your ideas to validate real market demand before investing tons of time and money into a product or solution
  • Find your first customers/clients manually, and iterate your product or service with their help
  • Define a strong marketing strategy to help you scale & differentiate from competition
  • Operate efficiently & save time through proven processes and automated systems
  • Delegate and build a strong team around yourself

And much more!

My Coaching Approach

Whether self-employed or seeking jobs, my focus will never be on nit-picking insignificant things like the font size on your resume or website. When you work with me, you focus on the 20% that matters most for getting 80% of the results you want to see.

I will give you lots of advice and instructions. I won’t do anything for you that you can do yourself, but I will gladly do them with you during our calls—if that’s what you’d like. You can consider me your co-founder in The Success of You. 😉

And, I will hold you relentlessly accountable because, if I’m being honest, we all need it. 😅

What my clients say

Jeremy’s enthusiastic coaching encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and start pushing past the boundaries I’d unconsciously set for myself. He has gone above and beyond to answer questions, walk me through unfamiliar processes and even just listen when I’m having a tough week. For the first time, I started really building out my personal brand, making valuable connections and exploring what was truly possible as a freelancer. – Theresa Houghton, ModernHealthNerd.com

Jérémy has been an amazing mentor. He brings an innate sense of the freelance world to his teachings, as well as a welcomed dose of humanity and compassion. He understands content strategy, marketing, writing…AND the importance of bringing value to everyone with whom he interacts. He sincerely wants you to succeed and make your dreams come true…and he puts 100% of his energy, expertise, and empathy behind you. With him, I went from knowing nothing about freelance writing to having paying clients, within just a couple months. I’ve learned so much from Jérémy, and continue to. Anyone who works with him will not only find the road to their dream becoming clearer, but have a fantastic time walking down that road! – Shelley Masini

Jérémy has made such an incredible growth and transition from designer to a CMO level marketer. I keep looking for ways we could potentially work together, because his human touch allows ideas to flow freely and compound on each other. It’s also worth noting that this man has taught me about almost all of the digital tools I find invaluable today. He could probably start a consulting service where all he does is teach people how to set up knowledge bases and no-code automation. I’m blessed to be one of his peers and mentees. – Adam French

If you are looking for someone to help you create a detailed inventory of personal strengths, values, and motivations, look no further than Jérémy. Throughout the fall of 2020, Jérémy coached me into my latest job role by providing encouraging and practical feedback to several applications and pitches. His coaching could not be better suited for someone looking to land the job of their dreams thoughtfully. He gave helpful insight into things that could be improved and created a healthy boundary where his suggestions were not direct instructions.This carefully designed coaching method empowered me to build confidence in my abilities and ideas. I felt additionally supported by Jérémy’s experienced voice in providing helpful nudges when I felt stuck or overwhelmed. I am forever grateful for Jérémy’s unique skill set. I am equally glad to have gained a quality human as a friend.— Jonathan Williams

I was at a transitional point in my career. I wanted to make a break into SaaS sales, but wasn’t exactly sure where to start the process and I knew it didn’t want to send out a bajillion resumes so I reached out to Jérémy. He helped me identify all my transferable skills and met with me several times to work on my pitch that I’d sent directly to hiring managers and recruiters. I got several interviews through this method. He was available for mock interviews and gave me lots of feedback. I ended up landing a job at a company that was a perfect fit for me. Highly recommend connecting with him to see how he can help you! – Dorothy Huynh

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