Ken McKellar headshot

MA – Psychology
Master Certified Coach (MCC) – ICF
Certified Coach (IAC-CC) – IAC
EMCC Senior Practitioner – (EMCC-SP) – EMCC Global
Board Certified Coach (BCC) – CCE
EMCC Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA) – EMCC Global
Certified Trauma Informed Coach – Moving The Human Spirit
NLP Master Practitioner Certificate – NLP Comprehensive
Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

This is my story

I embraced the coach role, igniting a transformation defined by resilience, growth, and empowerment. Guiding employees across industries, from Senior Managers to Individual Contributors, I found purpose in nurturing change alongside fellow coaches.

Believing in the coaching process, I witnessed its power in propelling positive outcomes. My joy was guiding clients through transitions—from contributors to managers—and harnessing their strengths. Valuing each person’s unique qualities, I thrived on fostering connections that paved the way for success.

From a computer teacher to a clinical therapist, I embraced challenges, accumulating coaching credentials along the way. Roles as an EAP consultant and therapist honed my crisis-handling skills. Writing a motivational book and giving speeches showcased my commitment to positive change.

Self-reflection and empowerment became my mission—guiding individuals toward thriving lives—a passion for coaching motivated leaders and contributors to achieve their potential. Confidence flourished in my haven as transformative conversations sparked insights and impactful actions. My dedication to growth ensured an ever-evolving coaching experience.

My purpose crystallized: empowering lasting change. Doing what I love enables others to seize growth opportunities and transform their coaching journey.

Join me:

  • Unearth hidden strengths for personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Embrace coaching’s power for informed decisions and impactful leadership.
  • Let our conversations shift mindsets, spawn strategies, and fuel your future.
  • As our stories intertwine, let growth and empowerment bind our journeys.

I Serve

Leaders who…
  • Aspire to enhance their leadership skills and authenticity
  • Seek guidance to navigate complex challenges and decisions
  • Aim to foster positive change within their teams and organizations
Professionals who… 
  • Strive to unlock their full potential and maximize their impact
  • Desire to refine their communication and interpersonal skills
  • Are committed to continuous growth and development in their careers
People who… 
  • Seek to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation
  • Want to overcome obstacles and setbacks, embracing a path of resilience
  • Are motivated to create a balanced and fulfilling life, aligning with their aspirations

My Coaching Approach

My coaching style can be described as a harmonious blend encompassing mentorship, empowerment, and transformation. I specialize in guiding individuals through facilitated sessions that stimulate transformative change, achieved through impactful conversations. In this journey, I’m dedicated to offering empathetic support, fostering continuous learning, and aiding those I work in their personal and professional growth.

Ready to try coaching?

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