Teach for America has partnered with Ama La Vida to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and personalized coaching to increase self-awareness and invest in your growth. Workshops, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching are paths to a deep self-development journey. Be prepared to uncover blind spots, learn a new way of thinking, and accomplish goals through accountability. Ama La Vida coaches will help you understand yourself in ways you’ve never explored before. This program is a catalyst to help you be your best you.

STEP 1: Attend an Event!

We are excited to offer you a variety of workshops and group coaching sessions around the topics that you said were important to you. You may register for as many workshops and/or group coaching sessions as you’d like to attend. Each event has a cap so enroll early to ensure you get to attend the events that interest you the most.

STEP 2: Enroll in 1:1 Coaching

Once you’ve attended a workshop or group coaching session you will be eligible to enroll in your 1:1 coaching. You will start by filling out this quick intake form which will take approx 5 minutes to complete. Once completed you will be matched with your coach within 48 business hours. In your 1:1 coaching sessions, you will develop actionable strategies for both your personal and professional life. This program includes:

  1. Six one-hour 1:1 session with your coach
  2. The Illuminate Your Purpose & Elevate eCoaching Programs
  3. Your personalized plan of action

STEP 3: Once you’ve been paired, schedule all six of your sessions with your coach

Helpful Resources

These resources will support you on your coaching journey. These will be accessible after your enrollment is complete. You will need to log into your dashboard to access all of your modules.

Reference your welcome email from your coach for instructions to log into your dashboard.

STEP 4: Complete Your Program

Congratulations on completing your program! This questionnaire is the final step in the program. Please review and answer the questions honestly. This information will help Ama La Vida better serve future TFA coachees such as yourself! TFA will also receive a summary of the responses and use it to better serve those across all of TFA.

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