It allows you to go from thought to vision board, and then from vision board to life. Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome and self-image, or you're looking to approach your goals in a new way, learn how to use visualization to your advantage.

Learn the science of vision boarding and how to use your innate creativity to manifest your future.

Vision Board Your Way To Success

Ready to manifest your biggest dreams into reality?


“Ama La Vida helped me quickly focus in on my goals and values. I loved the modules, especially the purpose module because it was reaffirming to me that I was on the right path going forward. I would absolutely recommend Ama La Vida for coaching, both personally and professionally.”

 Amy M.

“Working with Ama La Vida has been a wonderful experience. I loved how thoughtful the coaches are, the great tools and resources offered through the platform, and the great guidance and care I received while I was a member. ALV helped me navigate through some challenging professional challenges and I am so grateful to have had the support!”

– Nicole B.

“[Ama La Vida] helped me see that the only limits were those that I was placing on myself. I’ve revolutionized my life and am living more authentically. Feels good to take ownership of my future!”
– Kelly F.

How it works

The mind is a powerful tool — your thoughts directly impact what you create in your life.

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Ama La Vida:


Vision boarding can be used to physically manifest your wildest dreams into reality.

In this FREE live challenge, Coach Natalia will teach you:

🎯 What vision boarding is and how it can propel your goals

📝 How to use a vision board to set clear goals

⚡ Practical steps to visualizing in an impactful way

💗 How to use your vision board after it’s made to stay motivated and focused

There will be dedicated Q&A time, so bring all of your manifestation and vision boarding questions.

5-Day Challenge Schedule


Setting Your Intention
and learn to root into the core of who you are.


The Science Behind Vision Boarding
and why it works!


Craft Your Vision Framework
Create the context for your vision.


Preparing Your Vision Board
(Plus, 5 tips to help make it more fun!)


Bring Your Vision to Life
Learn how to use your board to hit your goals.

We’re Ama La Vida…

Ama La Vida is one of the world’s leading career, leadership, health and life coaching companies. We have a team of coaches throughout the country, and we serve clients all around the globe. We partner with corporations, universities and individuals to provide personalized coaching across our many areas of expertise.

We coach in a wide variety of environments and contexts, and we work with clients who are just starting their careers all the way to top CEOs. Though our clientele is quite diverse, we find there are some common themes among them.

Ama La Vida exists to help you on your ongoing journey to become the person you want to be and to enjoy life to its fullest. Our clients come from many walks of life, but the thing they have in common is a deep desire to “always be bettering” and to be surrounded by others who understand and support them in pursuing their passions and goals. Our coaches partner with you to bring clarity to those goals and to keep you accountable to the vision of life and work that you have for yourself.

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