We Are Ama La Vida

We coach with a strong will and a warm heart. We challenge mediocrity every single day. We see how life can dilute people’s dreams and we work rigorously to restore and fuel them. We value results. We know inspiration can make you feel good, but it is the action that changes lives. We believe that immeasurable success can emerge from failure, but it can also drown in self-doubt. We help weed out self-doubt before it can take over. Ambition is in our DNA. We’re certain that the best things in life don’t get handed to you on a silver platter. You need to make them happen. We honor authenticity. We see self-discovery as the foundation for growth, and we use unprecedented tools to promote it. We value connection. We believe you become the average of the people around you, and so we build our community wisely. We honor individuality. We foster respect. We know that tomorrow is a product of the decisions we make today, and so we act with intention. We believe that an “okay” life is simply not good enough and that everyone can Ama La Vida.

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