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Ladies, don’t go get the water

Back when I was working in Corporate Strategy for a digital marketing agency, I was preparing for a meeting with a potential strategic partner. It was that lull before the meeting begins when you awkwardly make small talk. Someone mentioned wanting water and that we should grab some water bottles for our guests. I was […]

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Why I’m Happier Making No Money After Walking Away From 6-Figures

I’m now a year into my startup journey, a natural point for review and reflection, and though starting a business has been and continues to be incredibly difficult, the bottom line is I’m happy. I certainly wasn’t miserable in my previous jobs. I had high visibility. Great career trajectory. Amazing friends at the office. The […]

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Six Tips To Help You Love Your Job (Even If It’s Not What You Thought it Would Be)

  Congratulations! You have a job…but it’s turning out not to be at all what you thought you wanted.  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who ends up feeling this way.  The difference between barely surviving the work day to actually thriving is in your control more than you might think.  Here are some […]

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Work Life Integration

I Want to Live a Damn Good Life

If you’re like me, you have a bucket list for everything — one for career goals, one for restaurants to try, one for places to travel to, and even one for life ambitions. My bucket-lists are growing constantly. I’ll meet someone new and hear about some amazing thing he or she is doing and decide, “Woah, I […]

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4 Tips to Tackle (and even embrace) that Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve been there. My business partners have been there.  Half of my clients have been there. The majority of my friends have been there too. The qarter-life-crisis is a real thing, and it’s happening all around the world.  But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing and from my experience, in most cases, […]

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Presence Reducing Stress

The ALV 9 – Presence

  Presence is hard Not many people wake up each day and think to themselves “right, I’m going to be present today!” The reason they don’t do this, is because they think that it’s a given – our natural way. The truth is that presence is hard. Really hard. Sure, it can become your default, […]

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The Right to Try

I recently returned home from my second trip to Belize. Absolutely stunning country. Bursting with interesting history, a curious mix of cultures and ocean views to die for. But while abundant in beauty, it’s lacking in options. There’s certainly no Silicon Valley. Barely a university. No Home Depot. Not even a McDonald’s. Its people, however, […]

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