Kindness Interview with Houston Kraft

Houston is a trainer, speaker and kindness advocate. He travels the country speaking to schools and organizations about creating lives filled with compassion, character, purpose, and love. We were honored to pick Houston’s brain about what kindness means and how we can better practice it in our everyday lives.  Houston’s insights were profound and inspirational. Enjoy!

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Achieving Goals Mental Health Presence Productivity Reducing Stress

3 Tips to Declutter Your Work Life

Have you ever walked into your colleague’s office looking for that very important time sensitive document only to find yourself in front of piles and piles of documents and scattered food remains? Imagine it – what’s going through your head? If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling anxious, stressed out about meeting your deadline, frustrated, […]

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Achieving Goals Career Discovery Reducing Stress

Five Tips For Being Productive when the Passion Just Ain’t There! Our theme this month is productivity. I haven’t written a post in so long and so I really wanted to ensure that I wrote something this month, but when it came to the time, I felt incredibly reluctant and resistant. Why? Because, to be […]

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