We don’t just help you find a job.

We help you navigate your career with confidence.

You want a new job.
But that’s not really why you’re here.

We’d rather spend all of Chicago summer inside than spend every day at work staring at the clock waiting for 5pm to tick just to start living our lives.

So when we were in college, we relentlessly chased our dream jobs in management consulting. Respect, corporate travel, good pay, what could be better?

At first we thought we’d made it. We were living the big life. But as time wore on, work became nothing but long hours, endless, cramped flights, and nights with our coworkers instead of friends and families. We couldn’t help thinking, is this really success?

So when our companies gave us leadership coaches, we used the time to explore what we really wanted in the long run…and realized everyone should get to work with a career coach to uncover what their dreams actually are.

And that’s how Ama La Vida began.

Ama La Vida co-founders, Nicole and Foram, in front of the chicago skyline

Our zone of genius is helping you embrace your confidence and step into a career that fulfills both you and your needs.

Foram and I launched Ama La Vida in September of 2016. However, we started charting the path here much, much earlier.

In our mid 20’s we were worn out management consultants who knew we were in careers that we wanted out of. We had done all the “right” things: got phenomenal grades in college, landed highly sought-after jobs and quickly moved through the ranks of our respective organizations. On paper, things looked great. But in our hearts and minds, we knew we needed and wanted more, for ourselves, our careers and how we spend the vast majority of our waking hours.

We were both coincidentally introduced to coaching.

For Foram, this was a clear ah-ha moment. She knew that she wanted to become a coach herself and combine her business acumen and consulting expertise with her unmatched ability to get others to open up and challenge them lovingly. She was accepted into the prestigious Masters in Learning and Organizational Change program at Northwestern University where she pursued her MS degree and coaching certification in Organizational and Leadership Coaching.

For me, coaching was an experience I never anticipated. My employer had given me leadership coaching as a promotion benefit, and I wasn’t exactly open to it. I was highly skeptical and had a lot of preconceived notions about what coaching could and couldn’t do for me. Despite my doubts, I found the experience transformative, and my coach helped me transition out of consulting into an exciting role in Corporate Strategy at a startup.

As I transitioned, I noticed many of my peers feeling exactly the same as I felt – stuck, unsure of how to get out and giving in to the notion that work isn’t something you are meant to enjoy.

I knew I needed to democratize coaching and make it more appealing and accessible for all who need it. Through coaching, I thought I could activate people to move toward healthier and more fulfilling workplaces.

A mutual friend saw that Foram and I were tackling a similar problem from two different angles and encouraged us to team up. We knew what we wanted was to help people love their lives, and not have to wait until 5 or 6 or 7pm when they returned from work to do it.

We provide career and leadership development coaching and have hand-picked the nation’s top coaches to join our team. Together we bring comprehensive coaching solutions to help you uncover a clear path forward in your career and life.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

Your partner, cheerleader and friend,


CEO & Co-founder

Find out if coaching is right for you.

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“I’ve been with Ama La Vida for about two months now, and it’s opened doors that I didn’t know were closed! Trying to make a career transition on your own can be so overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. My coach, webinars, and career assessments have all been super helpful in the process!

Now, instead of feeling like I don’t have any community to help me, or that I’m stuck with what I have, I feel like I have hundreds of options and many individuals that can relate to my struggle and provide assistance. It can feel intimidating at first, but having multiple options has made me feel like I have a choice and that there is more than one path I can take towards securing a future for myself that I’m proud of.”

— Courtney Omernick