This Is Our Story


While each founder’s story is unique, they all have a common thread.  We woke up one morning and realized the life we were living was not one we loved. This is not because we were unsuccessful in our early careers. Foram and Nicole began their careers in Management Consulting, and Katie entered the job market as an Investment Banker. We all quickly climbed the ranks in our respective organizations, but all of us felt like something was missing.  We felt we had sprinted down the fast track to nowhere because, while in well-paying and highly-regarded professions, happiness and fulfillment still weren’t there.

Through various avenues we found our way to coaching and to each other, but for each of us the road there was often quite bumpy. Realizing how many others had the same lackluster feeling toward their life, we wanted to smooth some of the bumps on the path to finding and living squarely within your Purpose. Living a life that has meaning and feeling satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing it was a day well spent. And so we built Ama La Vida and a set of programs that help you get to know yourself, understand what’s missing for you and begin to transform your life into one you truly love.

We now spend our days doing what we love. What we’re gifted at. What we’re passionate about. But we also know that happiness, success, and being the people we want to be are not destinations to be reached. We all have work to do on an ongoing basis to keep getting better, to nurture the good in our lives and to make improvements to what can be better.  And so in addition to our programs, we decided to craft a platform for consistent personal and professional development. We, ourselves, complete the eCoaching tools each month and are committed to being coached to facilitate our own growth. We’ve seen the impact and transformation our memberships have on our clients, and it fuels our desire to extend ALV’s reach and share the love.



There are a multitude of Coaching companies out there and organizations and products claiming they can improve your life. This is how we're different:

This is how we're different

Our Coaches have undergone rigorous training and are all fully certified

These days it might feel as if every Tom, Dick and Harry is a coach.  However sometimes the only thing that signals they are a coach is the title they put on their business card.  At Ama La Vida, we believe that a coach requires rigorous training and a formal certification.  You would not put your physical health in the hands of a doctor without a certified qualification, so why would you do that for your mental health? We ensure that every single coach at Ama La Vida has been properly trained and is fully certified.

We use personalized technology

Our proprietary eCoaching technology mimics the experience of a live coaching session. Many personality assessments and career tools are binary, out of date and limited in application. Developed by our experienced coaches, our technology utilizes a coaching approach to empower you to arrive at your own answers and conclusions. You are not limited to a set of predefined personality traits, career options, job criteria, etc., but rather the technology provides the structure and framework to guide you through a deep, self-reflective and open-ended process. It gives you the ability to reach conclusions and make decisions based on what matters to you, so you are much more confident and committed to those decisions after the programs conclude. Not only is eCoaching an incredibly effective format to make tangible life changes, it also provides a new level of convenience and affordability.

We’re practical and results-oriented

Our services are about making real changes and creating real results. We may use somewhat idealistic phrases like ‘love your life’, but while that embodies the spirit of what our company strives for, we understand that life is not without challenges, complications and hard work. Our coaches are all certified with rigorous training and accreditation. We utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology, adult learning, neuroscience and change theories for both life and professional coaching. We ensure that in every encounter with ALV, whether it be a program, a monthly eCoaching tool or a private coaching session, you walk away closer to who you want to be and the life you want to lead.

We foster a community

There’s no denying that private one-on-one coaching is incredibly powerful and, of course, a big aspect of what we offer. However, just as important as feeling supported during coaching, is feeling supported after it when your coach is gone and there’s no one there holding you accountable. That’s usually when people shrink back into their old ways of thinking and doing. Our intimate and supportive Ama La Vida community ensures that you never ever feel alone and that no matter what you’re going through, there’s someone else who understands.

We’re fun(ny)

While a transformative experience, we also want working with us to be a fun one. You can count on us to embrace both the ups and downs of life with humor and levity and keep you smiling as you embark on this journey to love your life.

This is

Our Method

Sometimes it feels like everyone in your life has an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t do. Ama La Vida is your safe zone, where you can just be YOU! No bias. No judgment. No worries.


When you want to get fit, you go the gym. When you feel sick, you see the doctor. But how about when life feels flat? Or when you need to make major decisions? You don't have to go it alone - we are here to empower and support you every step of the way.

Never alone

What they say


"This learning experience was absolutely incredible. Traditional career quizzes and counseling have never worked for me because they tried to put me in a box. Ama la Vida courses are different because they help you create your own life through short journal-type entries, instead of asking you to fill out multiple choice questions that pinpoint a usually imperfect future." Illuminate Your Purpose


"Foram provided new frameworks and methods to approaching challenges that I hadn't thought of, and that made me solve problems and communicate more effectively. Through her work, Foram helped me learn how to become a leader, not just a manager or employee. I highly recommend Foram for anyone looking to maximize their leadership potential or achieve their professional goals." 1:1 Coaching


"It was an unbelievable week of budding friendships, personal discovery and great laughs. The decision to do this retreat in Ecuador has by far been one of the best decisions of my life, and I know this retreat will continue to change lives. Also, this country has stolen a piece of my heart, and I can't wait to share it with the people I love most." Ecuador Retreat


"I began to look into the program because I felt my life had become unmanageable and I knew that there was more to life than being stuck in an unhappy work and life balance. Afterward, I felt so empowered! I hardly recognized my former doubtful self! The program enabled my true capacities to be realized whilst also strengthening my ability to build positive outlooks and set attainable goals." Professional boost


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