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About Us

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Ama La Vida exists to help you on your ongoing journey to become the person you want to be and to enjoy life to its fullest. Our clients come from many walks of life, but the thing they have in common is a deep desire to “always be bettering” and to be surrounded by others who understand and support them in pursuing their passions and goals. Our coaches partner with you to bring clarity to those goals and to keep you accountable to the vision of life and work that you have for yourself.

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Our story

ALV Coaching founders, Nicole and Foram

Foram and I launched Ama La Vida in September of 2016. However, we started charting the path here much, much earlier.

In our mid 20’s we were worn out management consultants who knew we were in careers that we wanted out of. We had done all the “right” things: got phenomenal grades in college, landed highly sought-after jobs and quickly moved through the ranks of our respective organizations. On paper, things looked great. But in our hearts and minds, we knew we needed and wanted more, for ourselves, our careers and how we spend the vast majority of our waking hours.

We were both coincidentally introduced to coaching.

For Foram, this was a clear ah-ha moment. She knew that she wanted to become a coach herself and combine her business acumen and consulting expertise with her unmatched ability to get others to open up and challenge them lovingly. She was accepted into the prestigious Masters in Learning and Organizational Change program at Northwestern University where she pursued her MS degree and coaching certification in Organizational and Leadership Coaching.

For me, coaching was an experience I never anticipated. My employer had given me leadership coaching as a promotion benefit, and I wasn’t exactly open to it. I was highly skeptical and had a lot of preconceived notions about what coaching could and couldn’t do for me. Despite my doubts, I found the experience transformative, and my coach helped me transition out of consulting into an exciting role in Corporate Strategy at a startup. As I transitioned, I noticed many of my peers feeling exactly the same as I felt – stuck, unsure of how to get out and giving in to the notion that work isn’t something you are meant to enjoy.

I knew I needed to democratize coaching and make it more appealing and accessible for all who need it. Through coaching, I thought I could activate people to move toward healthier and more fulfilling workplaces.

A mutual friend saw that Foram and I were tackling a similar problem from two different angles and encouraged us to team up. We knew what we wanted was to help people love their lives, and not have to wait until 5 or 6 or 7pm when they returned from work to do it.

We provide career and leadership development coaching along with life and wellness coaching and have hand-picked the nation’s top coaches to join our team. Together we bring holistic coaching solutions to help you transform your life into one you truly love.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

Your partner, cheerleader and friend,


CEO & Co-founder

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We believe…

💡If everyone loves your idea, it’s not crazy enough

🌟 It’s your duty to find and become all of who you are

🔨 Break it. Own it. Fix it.

💜 Our clients are our heartbeat.

🥳 Work hard, but, for the love of God, have fun.

👯 My success is yours, and yours is mine.

⏳If you’re waiting for the dust to settle, you’ll be waiting forever.

🧑‍🎓Be a perpetual student.

💩Give a shit.

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What Makes Us Different

Personally reviewed coaches
based across the US
Female owned
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We utilize proven coaching methodologies and have developed proprietary coaching curriculums in our eCoaching platform to support our clients throughout their work with us. This hybrid approach of one-on-one coaching sessions and modules in our software ensures you maximize your time with your coach and makes coaching more affordable and results-oriented than ever before.


Though we have proven processes and structured programming, we know that each person is unique, and your coaching journey will be different from anyone else’s. We call it “freedom within a framework.” The process is here to provide structure and accountability and has been put in place over years of experience. However, what happens within each engagement and each coaching session must be tailored to you, your goals and your unique learning style.

The Team at ALV


Coaching continues to increase in popularity as an effective tool for individuals and organizations to increase clarity and create sustainable change. As the industry grows, it has become increasingly difficult to understand the qualifications and effectiveness of the many coaches out there. Coaching is an unregulated industry, meaning anyone can legally call themselves a coach with little or no coaching training. We require that our coaches have completed an ICF accredited coach training program or equivalent before applying to work at Ama La Vida. From there, they undergo rigorous training to learn our proprietary methodologies, processes and technology.

Team & Community

Most coaches are sole proprietors which means if you select that company to work with, you only get the experience that one coach brings. Ama La Vida has a team of coaches and an intelligently designed matching process to ensure you are paired with the right coach for your goals and personality. While you’re working with the right coach for you, our full team of experts is here in the background providing support and resources to your coach and opening up their networks to you as a client. You’ll also have access to our full client community of thousands of ALVers.

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Women Owned & Operated

Though we do not work exclusively with women, we are passionate about supporting women to achieve fulfillment and success on their own terms. We are proud to be a women-owned business, and we are honored to be a choice employer for women. We value the diversity our team brings and have prioritized leading pro-bono initiatives to support the local community since Ama La Vida’s inception.

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Who We Serve

Ama La Vida is one of the world’s leading career, leadership, health and life coaching companies. We have a team of coaches throughout the country, and we serve clients all around the globe. We partner with corporationsuniversities and individuals to provide personalized coaching across our many areas of expertise.

We coach in a wide variety of environments and contexts, and we work with clients who are just starting their careers all the way to top CEOs. Though our clientele is quite diverse, we find there are some common themes among them.

The people who are attracted to Ama La Vida are people who aren’t satisfied just accepting what is, but instead are dedicated to their future vision for themselves and their lives. They are on a constant journey of learning and self-improvement, and they are willing to invest time and resources to achieve their goals. They want to live life with intention and make an impact in the world, even if in a small way. Undergoing coaching is hard work and can at times be quite confronting – we work with people who are ready to take on that challenge.