I truly can’t explain what an amazing job Ama La Vida have done with this e-Coaching program. It is nothing short of excellence. This course has helped in more ways than I could have imagined. It helped surface my true passion and refine my values and career aspirations, while giving me the confidence and support to make a meaningful change. Previously I had felt that it was too late to make a change, but the program made me realize that it isn’t too late and empowered me to get out there and go for it!


Evan needed a change after 11 years at the same company. Now he found the job he always wanted.

“After working at the same company for 11 years I was in serious need of a reboot but wasn’t sure how to go about it. My coach was instrumental in guiding me through this journey and helping identify my passions, values, and purpose. Within a couple of months, I was interviewing at a new company, in a new city and putting myself in a position to make a huge change in my life. During the interview process, I would continually refer back to the qualities that mattered to me the most and ended up getting an offer. I can unequivocally say that my coach not only helped me gain a new job, she also challenged me to dive deeper into who I am and what I want to accomplish in life.”


Anna was struggling to build healthy boundaries. Now she has found the balance she needs.

“Working with my coach, Jill, was exactly what I needed, and I am at a loss for words as to how much she’s impacted my life! I was so out of balance where work was impacting my mental and physical health. My coach helped me build better boundaries and healthy habits that helped me to really focus on my self-care.”


Katie has a magnetic positive energy. She very encouraging but careful to let you do the leading with your goal setting, not her, which is what makes the program so successful…she puts the change in your hands. Katie will make you feel at ease, and inspire you to discover and follow your passions!


It could not have been a better time in my life to have met Nicole, and have her explain the power that Ama La Vida has on people. She wasn’t lying!! I’ve seen a significant change in myself since the day I signed up for the program. I’ve been working in the corporate world for almost 5 years now, and it’s so refreshing to stop and really take time to reflect on who you are as a person, and understand what your purpose is (gifts, values, passions). AH! I could go on and on – you must try it for yourself! I was fortunate enough to have a coaching session with Katie, and she is absolutely amazing. She truly has a gift with her ability to inspire and motivate you. After having a video conference with Katie I instantly felt energized and ready to make changes! The coaches at Ama La Vida genuinely care about your future and will do everything in their power to get you where you want to be. I highly recommend Ama La Vida – you will NOT regret it.


Working with my coach made the experience especially positive. It was great to get clarity on my vision, values and goals and then to hone in on the jobs that would match what I want in my life. I feel like I’m on the path to the job of my dreams


I had been feeling lost in terms of my career goals for a long time and this program helped me gain the clarity and confidence I need to move forward. My coach was with me every step of the way and I knew I could always count on her insight and advice. She made me feel comfortable and empowered to honestly answer questions and work towards my goals. Now I not only know where I want to go, I have a clear-cut road map to reach my destination!


I found Ama la Vida through Yelp while on maternity leave with my 2nd baby. I had some time to reflect on my career decisions and wanted to make a plan for the next 5-10 years. I was looking for a qualified career coach to help keep me accountable. Most companies I found were too pricey. Ama La Vida stuck out to me because of their great reviews, free consultation, and qualified coaches. My consultation with my coach was wonderfully warm, approachable, and insightful. Together, we arrived at a clear diagnosis of my particular need and decided I would be a good fit for the ALV Method program. It’s a very well designed program and I got so much out of it. The modules were designed to allow me to put a lot of thought into who I am and what I want in a career. It helped me make sense of my values, gifts, passions, and purpose and find careers that would align them. At the end of the 4 weeks, I arrived at a customized plan for achieving my career goals. Because of the work I put in and the support from my coach, I now feel clearer and more confident in my career path than I ever have before. I’m also excited for what lies ahead and thrilled that we were able to carve out a path the blends several of my interests and fits within my vision of work-life balance. I’m also relieved that the path I outlined does not include completely changing careers, going back to school, or taking a large pay cut (things I was worried about). Also, I was able to close some doors that I should have closed a long time ago. This actually feels liberating because now I can focus on what I want to do. I believe I was able to get to this point of clarity because I trusted the process and had a great coach!


I am so glad that I did the ALV Method Career Program with the support, guidance and encouragement from the wonderful and inspirational Rebecca. I was at a stage that I needed to get some ideas and thoughts about my career out of my head and into action. My purpose and career path is now clearly illuminated and I have a clear plan on how I am going to achieve it.


This program is hugely engaging and thought-provoking for any working professional, whether you know yourself inside out or are just getting started. The self-directing learning and development approach is powerful in that it doesn’t seek to pigeon-hole you into anything, but rather it allows you to draw your own conclusions and feel empowered about who you are and where you are headed in life.


I worked with Foram to help develop my leadership potential. She spent a lot of time getting to know me and my goals, and is creative, perceptive and thoughtful in providing guidance on how I could best work with different teams and people in my current job. Foram provided new frameworks and methods to approaching challenges that I hadn’t thought of, and that made me solve problems and communicate more effectively. Foram helped me learn how to become a leader, not just a manager or employee. I highly recommend Foram for anyone looking to maximize their leadership potential or achieve their professional goals.


The IYP program, through the self-reflective online modules and invaluable coaching sessions, provided me with the tools required in helping me explore and identify my passions, gifts, values and purpose. Coming out of this program I am now able to fully articulate what is important to me, what my strengths are and I finally have an actionable path going forward! I highly recommend IYP to anyone – IYP will help you get back on the right track, whether you are looking to understand / refine your goals both personally or professionally.


I recently had the opportunity to work with Foram where she coached me through a difficult career decision. I was impressed with Foram’s ability to help me sort through the facts Vs. emotions. I would definitely recommend Foram as an organizational/leadership coach


Working with Katie at Ama La Vida has been both inspirational and practical. We used our sessions to focus my passions, gifts, and values into realistic and authentic goals for this coming year (and the future). For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am driving towards things I truly believe in and will find fulfilling.


The e-Coaching course was very supportive, informative and helpful during my career transition. Personally I was looking to make a change but wasn’t sure which direction to head. I discovered that the exercises in the program were like someone handing me the keys to my own future. Ultimately it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do and how to get there, but the various questions, scenarios and quotes encouraged me to think and research in a different manner. The warm and approachable manner also helped as it felt like there was a coach right there, guiding me every step of the way.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this journey of self-discovery. It’s not an easy task to reinvent yourself, but this program was collaborative, interactive, and manageable. The coaches genuinely care about their clients and it is wonderfully easy to collaborate and engage in conversation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this program and it has earned my highest recommendation.


Working with Tamika Pumphry was valuable to me and my career. Tamika is intuitive and keenly focused on providing incredible insight and recommendations to create professional and successful forward-thinking solutions. I am grateful for our incredible working relationship.

Christy Purcell

Katie helped me clarify my thoughts and goals for the future and truly helped me actualize my true potential. The best part of the program is that all the answers were already within myself and Katie truly assisted me in finding those answers that had become buried. After my initial consultation, I felt so empowered! I hardly recognized my former doubtful self! The program enabled my true capacities to be realized whilst also strengthening my ability to build positive outlooks and set attainable goals. I thank Katie for her support, guidance and wisdom. I recommend this program for anyone out there who feels stuck in themselves and wants to achieve balance in all facets of their life. Thanks again Katie!


Ama La Vida is a thought-provoking and empowering program that gives you the tools to your own plan for career success. Beyond that, the accessibility and helpfulness of their staff is what sets it apart. All in all, it was an extremely valuable use of time for me and I’m very thankful to have been a part of it.

Michael Ascher

Working with Katie was a true blessing! She is full of positive energy and great insight. She creates a judgement free zone so you can really dive deep and express how you feel about your life and what you want it to be like. Her process was manageable, not overwhelming, and made me feel like I could achieve my goals. It really helped me look inside myself and see what it was I needed to live a happier life. I don’t think I would have done that without her.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this journey of self-discovery. It’s not an easy task to reinvent yourself, but this program was collaborative, interactive, and manageable. The coaches genuinely care about their clients and it is wonderfully easy to collaborate and engage in conversation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this program and it has earned my highest recommendation.


At a point in my career where I was completely lost, Katie helped me realize where my true passion lies and gave me the courage and confidence to meaningfully develop my career


Katie was very supportive, inspirational and helped me to establish big, life-changing goals and then break them down to make them achievable and real. Through the tools, I also learnt a lot about myself and what my values are. By aligning my values with my work, my satisfaction at work has significantly improved, and I feel I am in control to make this change again in the future. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking for self-knowledge and happiness in their personal or professional lives!


Katie was an excellent coach. She has a great open door policy and is available to answer any questions when needed. She offers great guidance and pushes you just enough to achieve your goals, yet at the same time she won’t overwhelm you. Her program helped me discover my values and passions and I’m now confident and excited about my future! I highly recommend the online program and coaching if you wish to enrich your life or just simply find your purpose!


From the second I met Katie I felt absolutely at ease, nurtured and that I had found someone who “got me”. Her ability to ready people and suggest tips and techniques to set an achieve goals is truly amazing. She has been instrumental in my growth and finding my strength during an incredibly difficult time. Her passion, enthusiasm and positivity is unparalleled and can certainly become infectious. The tools and techniques that I have learnt during my coaching with Katie can and will be used in almost every aspect of my life.


What impressed me most about Foram was her passion around providing excellent services for her clients. Foram leverages her strengths of empathy and solid experience as a consultant to partner with her coachees in a way that facilitates meaningful personal change that also impacts business results. She is able to quickly build rapport and trust with her coachees and creates a comfortable space to develop insights, glean personal and interpersonal awareness, and build confidence. Willing to respectfully challenge and consistently supportive of her clients, I watched Foram achieve measurable progress with her coachees and support them every step of the way in their journeys of development. If you or your organization is looking to accelerate growth and see results, I highly recommend Foram as your coach


The Purpose program helped me establish my top five passions, gifts, and values and has allowed me to assess not only the passions that get me out of bed every morning, but also what skills allow me to offer my absolute best self to the world. I am a firm believer that a society where everyone does what they love is the most successful society, and Ama La Vida’s tools further that goal, one individual at a time.


The program has been a great tool for discovering more about myself, as well as what I want to do in life. The program is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. It uses a three step process that examines your passions, your gifts, and what values you hold. Understanding these three parts of myself gave me better insight in how I want to live my life and in which direction I would like to take it.


Foram is a bright, forward-thinking, high-impact collaborator. She is a fantastic coach with an ability to work with individuals at a wide range of career levels and points. Foram’s ability to build trust and gain insights deeply afford immediate, impactful benefits and lasting value. She gets to the point fast AND is highly enjoyable to work with! I recommend Foram for consulting, coaching, and collaborating endeavors!


The ALV Method program was a really eye opening experience. It helped me get all of my feelings and thoughts about my future path out in writing, preventing me from stressing more than I should and probably would have. The tips and tricks made me really explore myself in a greater depth than I ever thought I would at this point in time, whilst also making it fun to research and think about truthful answers. Every session was useful in its way, but when they all come together, it was an amazing experience. I loved the videos! They made me so happy and excited to watch, while also helping me to connect with Katie the Coach, which gave the program a really personal touch. I also loved that the program was personalized and I could choose my own words, rather than being stuck with multiple-choice answers (none of which usually represent what I am thinking). The program helped me come to new insights about myself and my future, and I have now chosen a University Course that is better aligned with who I am and what I love. I definitely feel a lot clearer about my path and am ready to start working towards a career that I know is going to make me happy.


This learning experience was absolutely incredible. The program is completely tailored to YOU. Traditional career quizzes and counseling have never worked for me because they tried to put me in a box. Ama La Vida’s programs are different because they help you create your own life through short journal-type entries, instead of asking you to fill out multiple choice questions that pinpoint a usually imperfect future. I will treasure my final report containing all the hard work and realizations I’ve come to, and its already been a fundamental tool for deciding which path to follow. The course is a must for anyone that feels lost and craves a sense of drive and direction… and even if you don’t feel that way just yet, its a good idea to get a head start on avoiding that mid-life crisis. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while- I couldn’t recommend it more.


Foram’s warm presence is something that struck me as unique and special…she has a natural way of connecting with people and letting them know she is listening. Her strong relationship-building skills coupled with her intelligence and business acumen make her an ideal coach and consultant. I would look very forward to working with Foram in any capacity again!


Foram is a well qualified Coach who can be relied upon for the highest degree of professionalism, asking insightful questions, listening reliably and coming up with thoughtful advice.


This program helped me unearth possibilities that I knew existed but had no idea how to get to. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants more clarity about their next move in their career.


Foram was a thoughtful, insightful, and incredibly helpful coach. She brought a positive and calming energy to every coaching session, and she made me feel completely at ease about sharing and working with her from the first time we met. I really appreciated her ability to ask deep, probing questions that helped me reflect on, explore, and better understand the drivers behind my approach to my life and work. She was able to do this in a way that challenged me to push myself, while still offering a supportive, encouraging environment. Foram always listened to me and provided rich and detailed feedback. She is a great coach who really helped me think about the big picture and long-term planning, while not overlooking the important near-term details. I would highly recommend Foram, and I would love the opportunity to work with her again!


I worked with Foram as my leadership coach in winter 2017 and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering coaching. Over the course of several conversations and at-home assignments she helped me articulate a set of goals and design a plan to improve in two areas that were important to me. I found that Foram has a unique ability to be simultaneously very supportive while pushing me to be accountable to and honest with myself. I looked forward to our conversations and left our meetings feeling more aware of my motivations and better equipped to achieve my goals.


I had the pleasure of working with Foram in 2016 as my Leadership Development Coach as part of the MBA program at University of Chicago. Foram is dedicated, genuine, and absolutely a wonderful coach to work with. She was personally invested in my development, tailored each session to my individual needs, and constantly provided me with actionable feedback. If we hadn’t finished the content of our session, she would stay long after the scheduled hour until we had accomplished the goals that we set for that session. I would highly recommend Foram as a Leadership Coach, and would be excited to work with her again in the future.


In Fall 2016 I had the privilege of having Foram as my leadership coach and was delighted by her warm approach and her genuine interest in helping me. She was quick to understand and identify my areas of opportunity, carefully tailoring our coaching sessions, and allowed me sort and understand my emotions and preconceptions, ultimately allowing me to better understand myself in a deep and life-changing way. Foram is empathetic, approachable, charismatic, and resourceful, I would highly recommend her as a leadership coach.


After accepting a job that seemed to good to be true, it turned out it was. I wanted to make sure that my next role was at a reputable organization that aligned with my values. I needed to learn how to gain a clear understanding of a role and company and make sure that I ended up in the right place.I could not afford to make this mistake again. I also wanted to center my career and hone in on a path I could follow for my lifetime that would enable me to grow and develop as a professional. Ama La Vida and my coach Eden help do exactly that and more. I was in a tough and hopeless position and did not know to how to navigate my way out of it and into a better place. The job market and interview process is growing more complex. Eden successfully coached me into how to effectively job hunt and network. She also helped me develop my interview skills so that I can clearly explain my skills and experiences while showcasing my strengths. I was also most impressed with Eden’s expertise. I felt that I had asked for some tough guidance that was unique to my situation and she always had great advice for me. There were also times I had some urgent questions or concerns and Eden was always happy to speak on the phone or answer and email right away. This program and my coach have really given me insight to myself and what I want of out my career but also tools and methodologies to help me find the right role at the right place. I am very happy I decided to work with ALV!


Ama La Vida truly has changed my life. I chose this program out of many others because they clearly outlined the tangibles I’d receive at the end of the program. They totally came through on what was promised initially. I left with more confidence, motivation, direction, a solid career choice forward, and a better understanding of myself as a person. Working with Sara was like looking into a mirror. We were so well suited for each other. She totally put me at ease and I felt like I was just chatting with a friend. I cannot recommend them enough!


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