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Our Signature Career Transition Program As A Virtual Experience

Helping people navigate career transitions is one of our specialties – and right now, millions of people are transitioning in their career whether they wanted to or not!  If you’re one of the people feeling lost because of what’s happening, we can help.  Each and every day, our coaches help our clients discover and land the jobs of their dreams via our proven career transition coaching program, The ALV Career Method. Given the state of the economy, we have decided to adapt this coaching program to create an incredibly affordable version. This program still utilizes our proprietary eCoaching modules, and all virtual clients will still have access to our coaching team through our online community. However, until August 1st, this program will be available to you for only $299.

If you are out of work or are looking to make a career change, this is the perfect program to help you navigate the transition with ease. Designed by our career transition experts, this program will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to land an amazing new role.

We’ve designed a comprehensive and personalized program to help you navigate your career transition in 4 phases:

1) Uncover Your Hidden Self & Find Your Perfect Job

2) Position Yourself Within the Field & Get That Ideal Job

3) Maximize Your Compensation & Prepare for Success On The Job

4) Work Toward Your Long-Term Goals

Until August 1st, this program is $299 and includes:

  • Bi-weekly online workshops with our Director of Career Services, John Roccia, to provide you with personalized support and accountability 
  • 35 eCoaching modules to guide you through the career transition process and to capture your work and reflections
  • A dedicated Client Success Specialist who will be checking in with you throughout the program to ensure you are staying on track
  • Access to our online client community, ALV Connect, where career coaches will be standing by during business hours to answer any of your job search questions
  • Discounts on other career coaching services in the event that you’d like to add on some personalized, one-on-one coaching support

How Does This Work?

Our proprietary online eCoaching technology mimics the experience of working with a coach. It will ask you questions and track your reflections, insights and commitments. In addition to acting as a virtual coach, these comprehensive modules will teach you everything you need to know to about the job search process. The curriculum will train you on how to stand out from the crowd and get job interviews and offers from your target companies.

Describes the 4 phases of the Alv self guided career method

1] Uncover Your Hidden Self & Find Your Perfect Job

This is where you’ll discover who you are, what you want and what you need to live a fulfilled life. This step provides you with the framework to feel clear and confident about who you are, including your deepest passions, gifts, values, and purpose, as well as what you want from your future! Then you’ll open up your mind to all the career possibilities and intelligently narrow them down until you arrive at your number one career choice. You will explore what’s required in terms of training and education, as well as what a typical day looks like in each career path.

Once you are feeling excited about your chosen direction, it’s time to move to step 2 – positioning yourself and getting that job!

2] Position Yourself Within The Field & Get That Perfect Job

This is where we walk you through the specific steps you need to take to create a strong personal brand that positions you in your ideal industry. This unit covers your resume, your personal brand and online presence, and the techniques to make those pieces of collateral more visible to employers. You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn as not just a social profile but a tool to help you attract employer interest. You’ll learn how to create a compelling application that stands out from the crowd of boring ones. Then you’ll learn how to crush your interviews and follow-ups, so that you come across confident and qualified, and employers pick you over your competition.

Once you have perfected your personal brand, updated your resume, and brushed up on your interview skills, you’ll have everything you need to land an amazing job offer. Then, it’s time to move to step 3 – maximizing your compensation and preparing for success on the job!

3] Maximize Your Compensation & Prepare For Success On The Job

This phase of the program is about execution and bringing your job search to completion. This unit will cover the final aspects of the job search process which includes negotiating and planning for success on the job. You’ll be guided through calculating your target salary, and you’ll learn how to negotiation with your employer to maximize your total compensation package. Finally, you’ll develop a plan to be successful in your first 90 days on the job.

After you’ve landed your dream role and started off with a foundation for success, you move into part 4 to continue developing your skills and working toward your long-term goals.

4] Work Towards Your Long-Term Goals

You’ve now made a big change in your career and landed a great new position.  Ee want to ensure this isn’t a one-time boost but a completely new path of success. In part 4 of the program, you’ll set goals, create accountability and plan future milestones and how to reach them.

Ongoing support is essential to maintaining the momentum you have created in your new role which is why this program includes your first 3 months of our ongoing support membership free!

We can’t wait to celebrate your success with you!

Unsure about the full program?

The ALV Career Method
Part 1


Whether you are starting out or looking for a change, we will help you discover who you are, what you want from your future and which career path will bring you fulfillment and success. This program is best suited for people that are looking to identify their next career direction.


The ALV Career Method
Part 2


From resume writing to interview coaching and everything in between, our team of coaches and career specialists will help you find, prepare for and land the perfect job for you! This program is best suited for people that know their career direction but just need to land that job!


The ALV Career Method
Part 1 & 2


This program is the foundation of building your career. If you’re unsure about sticking with an 11-month program we have a Kickstarter option to get you started. Together you’ll work hand in hand with your coach to identify your dream career and work towards achieving it.


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They said it, not us...


Exceeded expectations!!! I signed up with Ama La Vida in order to help with my job search making sure I had all of the latest information and for one on one guidance. After reviewing different options I chose them because I liked the idea of a combination of e modules and live coaching so that I didn't have to spend time with a coach on things I could learn other ways. I was blown away by the modules. They are so well done. Current, relevant, motivational and so informative. The live coaching was great. All of the coaches and support people I worked with were knowledgeable and so supportive. All in all, if you feel like you need outside help with your job search, or any type of career advice, I would highly recommend Ama La Vida. Well worth the investment.

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Right now, all I can say is that I LOVE my job, my coworkers, where my family lives today and the momentum I have established in my career. And in all honesty, I wouldn't have been confident nor both rationally or emotionally prepared to make the move I did without the coaching from Ama La Vida. You see, I had a good job already - a brand director role in a city with lots of opportunities. But with a new baby in the picture, my husband and I were seeking more support as well as opportunities that would ignite our passions as much as our pocketbooks. Rebecca at ALV understood both the gravity and urgency of my decision. She came alongside me with an unbiased point of view to help me shape a decision that aligned with what I truly wanted - not my parents, not my mentors, but me! Choosing to hire ALV as a coach at this crux point was critical. I highly recommend them if you are stuck choosing between different paths.

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