Imagine if you could enjoy the benefits of coaching from the comfort of your home or during your commute to work.

Imagine if you could be coached in a bikini on the beach or a robe in bed.

Imagine if coaching was just a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching, allowing you to spend your hard-earned pennies on other wonderful things.

And, imagine if that coaching didn’t just make you feel good, but also produced hard, science-backed results so that you could measure the value of your investment.

These were the goals that the founders of Ama La Vida (ALV) set out to achieve when we started working on our coaching technology in 2012.  It was a long road with a few bumps and turns along the way, but eventually, ALV’s proprietary eCoaching technology was born.

Why I wanted to build an eCoaching platform

I was in my early 20s when it became completely clear to me that my career in Finance would not be my forever job. I quickly found my calling in coaching and was eager to get started helping others to find career they were equally passionate about. But there was a catch. Coaching can be very expensive. And most of the people I knew who were my age couldn’t afford it. I became determine to build a solution that would allow them to reap the benefits of coaching and navigate career transitions successfully without the hefty price tag. I had also seen a career coach myself when I was considering leaving Finance, and it opened my eyes to just how outdated the industry really was. The coach gave me a four-page multiple-choice questionnaire and then, based on some four-letter personality type that I somehow share with 1.5 billion other people, I was told what I should be doing with my life. Really? Surely, I’m not that predictable. And surely, I don’t fit into the same career path as a billion others do. I wanted a more personalized solution but I couldn’t find one! At least one that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. So, I sought out to build it.

So you’re probably wondering, what even is eCoaching?

eCoaching provides an innovative technology-based solution that makes personal and professional coaching far more accessible and affordable to all individuals and organizations without compromising the benefits. ALV’s eCoaching technology was developed by trained and certified coaches, using the principles, models and methodologies applied in every day, live sessions with their clients.

In short, eCoaching is an online platform that mimics the experience of working with a live, human coach!

It iscomposed of predominantly coaching-based questions and is also enhanced with coaching videos, insights, activities, tips, resources, and challenges. This question-based approach empowers the user to embark on a self-reflective journey where they reach their own insights and feel completely in control of their ideas and solutions.

How it saves our clients money

Let’s take navigating a career transition as an example. Our ALV Method program is a 10-week program that helps people to just that. It starts with self-reflection so you can really understand who you are and what you need from your career to be happy. It then moves into aligning what you’ve learned about yourself with the job market to find the optimal career for you. Then the last six weeks are spent on some of the tactical activities to help you land the job like updating your resume and preparing for interviews. The ALV Method is comprised of 10 live coaching sessions and about 20 online eCoaching modules. If we didn’t have some of the coaching work being done in the platform, we would need double the amount of live sessions and thus nearly double the cost of the program to accomplish the same objective!

How it’s different from other online coaching companies

Many coaching companies are “online” or may even us the term “eCocahing.” However, most often what companies mean when they say this is that their coaching is conducted virtually. It is pretty typical in the coaching industry today for session to be conducted via video or phone versus in person. We do our coaching remotely as well using Zoom. When we say eCoaching, we don’t just mean live sessions conducted over the internet. We mean the use of our proprietary online eCoaching platform to make the conversations in our live sessions much richer and to make our coaching engagements more affordable, on-demand and data-backed.

A bit more about how the platform works

The platform and all of the programs it houses was developed using evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in adult learning, positive psychology, and neuroscience. Let’s dive into these a little deeper.

The Positive Psychology

The eCoaching process focuses not on what was or what is, but instead on what could be.  In every eCoaching module, individuals are prompted to understand obstacles, develop solutions and commit to new ways that they can apply these solutions to increase their fulfillment and performance.   The focus is on extracting potential, not only identifying potential, but also devising application-based strategies to reach it.

eCoaching also helps individuals to transform negative thinking habits and reappraise ‘problems’ to identify solutions. The individual is encouraged to consider the valuable lessons and insights that arise from each and every experience, helping them to transform stifling perceptions of ‘failure’ and develop a ‘growth-mindset’ where the focus is on learning and development.

The Neuroscience behind it. Stay with me – this is important.

The brain has around 100 billion neurons. It is the connection between these neurons that guides our thoughts, behaviors and actions. How many connection possibilities are there between 100 billion neurons? A lot.

Telling people what they should do or trying to give them a simple solution to a complicated problem is very rarely, if ever, effective. People need to make their own connections, come to their own insights and develop their own solutions in order to make meaningful decisions that result in sustainable change.

Unfortunately, this can require a lot of effort and energy which often leads to feelings of being overwhelmed and inertia.  Without a coach, individuals very rarely engage in this type of deep and self-directed thinking on their own.

Daniel Kahneman, a notable psychologist known for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, has studied this phenomenon in depth.  He has identified two types of thinking –  “system one” being the fast, automatic and default approach, and “system two” being the mind’s slower, deeper and analytical mode.  Typically, the process of fundamental and sustained growth can only occur when we engage in system two thinking. However, because this is more arduous and draining, we often quickly revert back to system one thinking, leading us to make decisions that aren’t carefully considered and thought out.

The eCoaching platform helps individuals overcome this obstacle by supporting them to remain with their thoughts and reflection –in “system two” mode – for prolonged periods of time.  The questions, tools and empowering techniques used act as handrails for the individual to arrive at their own powerful insights and solutions using system two thinking. If the individual feels stuck at any point, they can simply open the online chat and a certified coach will be in touch, typically immediately.  The individual is also encouraged and reassured with regular coaching videos, tips and resources.Because individuals arrive at their own insights and solutions, they have a far higher level of commitment, confidence and motivation to take meaningful action and achieve their desired results!

Wrapping Up

Coaching is an immensely valuable way to develop both personally and professionally. It helps you improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, productivity, and performance.  Clearly, there is no doubting the benefits! However, for a long time, coaching was financially out of reach for many individuals and organizations. Not only has coaching always been a significant financial investment, it has also bought about a range of logistical challenges costing valuable time and resources.

Our eCoaching technology has finally introduced an unprecedented solution – one that is affordable, measurable, flexible and scalable meaning that both individuals and organizations can benefit from the same powerful results of traditional coaching but with the convenience and comfort of their own space and time. Finally, you can personally and professionally reach your goals without even rising from bed!

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