Proven, Personal Coaching

Don’t waste time with personal coaching that wasn’t made for you (or that doesn’t work)

A personalized plan for your professional goals

There’s a fine balance between a system that works, and taking extra steps you don’t need.

That’s why we start with Blueprints™, which outline our proven, tested process we’ve honed over years of helping thousands of people navigate what’s next for themselves and for their careers.

Think of them as a coaching plan template. They’re where you’ll start.

From there, you and your coach will work together to tailor the Blueprint (or Blueprints) to your unique needs, goals and circumstances.

🏃 You might move faster.

🧘 Some parts may take more time.

🕵️ You might add some other focuses unique to you.

But these Blueprints are a great place to start as you ask, “How long does this take? What am I getting out of this? How can a coach help me?!”

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Stay ahead with career planning and career development

Create a long-term vision of success to make sure you’re moving forward with intention, prioritizing your career development, making the most of opportunities that cross your path, and managing your mental and emotional health.

Because no one will care about your success and happiness as much as you.

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Make a strategic career transition

Take the overwhelm out of navigating your next career move. Tap into your skills, passions and priorities to figure out what’s next.

Your certified coach will help you make a career change that aligns where you are now with where you want to be in the future.

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Land a new job you love

Find your next job with targeted job search strategies and support from your certified career coach.

From resume tips to leveraging LinkedIn to interview prep, all the way through negotiations strategies and the starting your new role—your coach will help you make your next career move a reality.

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Build your career confidence

Sometimes what’s holding you back in your career isn’t a poor career fit. Instead, you need to uncover your strengths, unlearn negative though patterns, and build up a set of skills to advocate for yourself, get the work-life balance you crave, and reach your professional goals.

3 Steps To A Life You Love


1. Sign up for your membership.

Choose the number of sessions you want each month to get started.


2. Get personal, targeted support.

Your personally-matched coach will help you define success for yourself and create a roadmap to your goals.


3. Say “goodbye” to unmet goals.

No matter what comes your way, your coach will help you stay on track to reach your dreams.

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“My experience with Ama la Vida was so beneficial and exactly what I needed at this point in my career to help me navigate this crossroads. The recruitment team was responsive and paired me with an amazing coach that matched my background and what I was looking to get from the program. [The coach they matched me with] was an amazing coach – every session was productive and struck the balance between career therapy and mapping a structured plan to achieve my goals. Walking away I feel like I have clarity on my career ambitions, the right roles, and the tools with an improved resume and LinkedIn presence and strategy to land my next role.”

— Lauren Kelly ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The Ama La Vida Difference


Coaches You Can Trust

Our team of coaches not only go through an intensive vetting process, but they undergo rigorous training to learn our proprietary methodologies, processes and technology.

You will be hand-matched with the perfect coach for you and your situation, plus get 8+ group coaching sessions every month!


Proven Results, Personalized

We utilize evidence-based coaching methodologies rooted in positive psychology and neuroscience.

This means that our clients work through a program that has shown time and time again that it brings people from stuck and lost to flourishing in their careers.

Unlike other programs, we don’t stop there. Your coach will work with you to tailor our process to your unique needs.


Comprehensive Coaching for Future Success

We love quick wins, but we pair them with long-term vision and strategies for lasting change.

We want to help you build sustainable behaviors and results which will continue to serve you well into the future.

We will look at your life holistically, because, let’s be honest, your career and your life satisfaction are inextricably linked.

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Empowering you to achieve your goals

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Outplacement-Coaching Support


Design and build a career you love


Become a confident leader.

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Finding the right coach is crucial to how much you’ll get out of the coaching process. You need someone who gets you, supports you, challenges you, and (most importantly) can help you see your own way forward.

Our coaches are all trained and vetted, and you’ll get access to our full team to make sure we’ve got you every step of your journey.

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Whether you’re looking for a personal coach who can support your mental well being, professional life, personal development, a career change, creating work life balance, creating confidence, or building a stronger personal life, coaching can be a catalyst for positive change across your life.

Our team of personal coaches work hand-in-hand with you to determine your personal goals and then create a plan to build the future you want.

Ama La Vida has 60+ coaches on staff who have certifications and training by International Coaching Federation coaching program or equivalent expertise, so we know we have the right coach for each client.

We have helped countless clients since we founded our business in 2016. With a unique blend of proprietary ecoaching content, built on positive psychology and proven strategies, and one-on-one coaching sessions, our coaching process can make a positive difference in your life.

Coaching focuses on helping your make progress throughout your life to support your personal dreams. The benefits of a personal coach are broad and vary for each client. From better relationships with family, to improved mental health, decreased anxiety, and ultimately any other areas where you may feel stuck. Don’t wait to find a good fit on your journey to mental health and fulfillment. Your coach can help you achieve your personal goals.

A personal coach can also help you focus on your career, money, and work. Both career and executive coaching can provide incredible impact on achieving your professional goals.