The ALV Outplacement Method

A Human-Centered Career Transition Approach

You’ve made the difficult decision to let people go. There are many reasons why you need to but that doesn’t make it any easier. We are here to help you do the right thing by offering a powerful, proven process for cost-effective and compassionate outplacement. 

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a severance benefit for employees who have been let go. It is an offer provided by most organizations to support the employee in transitioning out of the organization and into a new job. There are many benefits to providing outplacement services, such as:

  • Doing the right thing by your employees
  • Protecting your brand and reputation
  • Minimizing liability and risk

Many traditional outplacement approaches are outdated and inconvenient. They involve in-person group coaching often with other former peers and those dealing with the many emotions job loss can bring. This environment and lack of personalization fails to address the most challenging aspect of landing a new job after losing one: the emotional toll it takes.

How is Ama La Vida different?

The ALV Outplacement Method provides a human-centered approach to outplacement. As your outplacement provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that your brand is protected while providing the tailored support your employees require. We work with you as a partner to ensure we are integrating the right message and communicating your company values.

Our proven career transition methodology ensures a painless exit out of the role and a quick integration into a new role. Employees are partnered with certified coaches to increase self-awareness, gain confidence and approach the job market with the tools they need to succeed.

the best method for career transitions

How The Program Works

We use a unique blend on online eCoaching and private one-on-one sessions. Through a 10-step program with a certified Ama La Vida coach, your employees will go through three phases of the program.

Step 1 – Uncover Your Hidden Self – This is where you’ll discover who you are, what you want and what you need to live a fulfilled life. This is the priority your first week as you use this as an opportunity truly get to know yourself:

  • Two private coaching sessions with your personal Certified Coach
  • Four powerful online eCoaching modules
  • Unlimited access to our proprietary eCoaching technology so you can continue to utilize the support in the future

Step 2 – Find Your Perfect Job – This is all about finding what type of careers will fit your values, compliment your strengths and understanding the salaries available for you. This happens in the second week and includes:

  • Two private coaching sessions with your personal Certified Coach
  • Eight powerful online eCoaching modules
  • A sophisticated decision-making tool to help you arrive at your optimal career direction

Step 3 – Get That Job – This where we walk you through the specific steps you need to take to go from where you are to where you want to be and map it out on a specific timeline. In the next three weeks, you will have everything you need to land that job! The program is organized into six phases. Each phase will help you develop valuable skills in different key areas crucial to landing that job! This includes:

  • Six coaching sessions with an experienced ALV Certified Coach and/or Career Specialist
  • In-depth resume enhancement with a Career Specialist
  • Recorded mock interview session
  • A thorough review and enhancement of your online profile
  • Six online eCoaching modules (Resume Review, Personal Branding, Networking & Applications, Interviewing Skills, Negotiation Strategies and Day One on the Job and Beyond)
  • Unlimited access to our proprietary eCoaching technology so you can continue to utilize the support in the future

Why Ama La Vida?

  • Your employees can use this as an opportunity to find something they really love. Rather than just placing employees into another role without pausing to reflect, this coaching program will help your team take a step back and assess what they want next for their lives and careers. This will help them view this time as a blessing in disguise and think more favorably of you as their employer.
  • Employees receive step-by-step coaching for each component of the complex job search process (e.g., resume, interviewing) from one of our career experts. There is no sense setting someone up with an interview if they aren’t prepared to nail it!
  • Our unique approach of eCoaching and one-on-one support ensure this process is extremely rigorous and systematized while also being personalized for the unique needs and challenges of the individual.
  • Through our years of experience coaching people through career transitions, we have found that the number one factor which causes a job search to drag on is the emotional state of the job seeker. Applying for jobs is a draining process for anyone, and this is exacerbated when that person is still suffering the loss of their last position. Our certified team is well-equipped to support our clients with both the tactical and emotional components of this process.
  • The ALV Outplacement Method can all be done virtually. Employees don’t have to worry about childcare or feel defeated by being in a group class of others dealing with this same challenge but can conduct their coaching from the comfort of their homes and receive personalized support.
  • We capture valuable data about your employees and their needs which we report back to you along with tracking on time to land new positions.

They said it, not us...


I truly can't explain what an amazing job the Ama La Vida team has done with this program. The course is nothing short of excellence. The course has helped in more ways than i could have imagined. It helped surface my true passion and refine my values and career aspirations, while giving me the confidence and support to make a meaningful change. Previously, I had felt that it was too late to make a change, but the program made me realize that it isn't too late and empowered me to get out there and go for it!

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The program was very supportive, informative and helpful during my career transition. Personally I was looking to make a change but wasn't sure which direction to head. I discovered that the exercises in the program were like someone handing me the keys to my own future. Ultimately it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do and how to get there, but the various questions, scenarios and quotes encouraged me to think and research in a different manner.

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What a crucial time this came into my life. This program allowed me to assess not only the passions that get me out of bed every morning, but also what skills allow me to offer my absolute best self to the world. I am a firm believer that a society where everyone does what they love is the happiest and most successful society, and this program furthers that goal, one individual at a time. I am grateful that I was given the program to learn about myself before I begin a new chapter in life.

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It could not have been a better time in my life to have met the CEO Nicole, and have her explain the power that Ama La Vida has on people. She wasn't lying!! I've seen a significant change in myself since the day I signed up for the program. I've been working in the corporate world for 5 years now, and it's so refreshing to stop and really take time to reflect on who you are as a person, and understand what your purpose is (gifts, values, passions). AH! I could go on and on - you must try it for yourself! I was fortunate enough to have coaching sessions with Katie and she is absolutely amazing. She truly has a gift with her ability to inspire and motivate you. After my session with Katie I instantly felt energized and ready to make changes! The coaches at Ama La Vida genuinely care about your future and will do everything in their power to get you where you want to be. I highly recommend Ama La Vida - you will NOT regret it.

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