We partner with top universities to create unique coaching programming to enhance the student experience and prepare the next generation of leaders for success. With fierce competition to attract applicants and engage students throughout their learning journey, we understand the importance of a comprehensive and unified approach. We work with programs to identify an integrated approach to provide students with an experience they can take beyond the classroom. What students will learn during their coaching experience will enable them to lead better, increase confidence and have a transformational experience they will carry with them throughout the rest of their careers.

We work with programs that believe in:

Innovating the student experience

Supporting students in their leadership growth

Taking a student-centric approach throughout their learning journey

Why Coaching

Leadership coaching is a self-development journey to uncover blindspots, to learn a new way of thinking and to accomplish goals through structured accountability. A leadership coach helps individuals understand themselves in ways ever explored before. Through coaching, students not only learn more about themselves, they understand how they show up, how to more effectively manage others and lead their organization. Coaching is a catalyst to help your students be their best self.

This is a gift you’re providing to your students. This is something students will rave about long after their program is complete. You will find your students stay more engaged and associate their future success to your program.

How We Will Work Together

Your graduate program isn’t just about improving knowledge; it’s about helping students grow as  individuals and leaders. By coupling our unique curriculum with one-on-one leadership coaching, we ensure that the lessons learned in class can be taken back to the professional environment and help propel students forward in their career.

  • Integrated learning – We work with you and your leadership team to integrate coaching into the curriculum and the students’ journey.
  • Custom eCoaching program – We build a one-of-a-kind eCoaching program which guides students through the entire coaching experience and tracks their work and results along the way.
  • Collaborative approach – Our work doesn’t end with the students. We regularly meet with program leadership, marketing staff and recruiting team members to continually enhance the program and market this unique offering.
  • Tailored pairing – Through a carefully designed intake process, we match students with the best coach to ensure results and fit.

Our Track Record

Students scored
on average for enjoying tehor work with Ama La Vida
*on a 1-5 scale
of students completed all coaching sessions and eCoaching modules
Students scored
in seeing clear results from coaching
*on a 1-5 scale
of students noted an increase in how clear they felt about their puropse and work

Some Of Our Partners