Why Leadership Coaching?

A leadership coach is a mirror to you – someone who can help you see things about yourself that you may have been missing, all with the goal of making you a more successful leader.

Through our proprietary coaching and methodologies, we will help you evolve into the inspiring, confident and effective leader you want to be. Your coach will be by your side to keep you motivated and accountable as you work through blocks and beliefs that keep you stuck, so you start to embody the leadership attributes you value.

  • Have you been recently promoted and want to prepare yourself for your new role?
  • Do you have a long list of to-do’s but lack the energy to get them accomplished?
  • Do you want to develop self-awareness or emotional intelligence?
  • Are you teetering on the edge of burnout?
  • Are you struggling to motivate your team and keep them accountable to goals and metrics?
  • Is communication with others challenging?
  • Do you feel like an impostor and want to develop your confidence as a leader?

If you answered “yes” to any (or a few) of these questions, our Leadership Coaching program is for you.

Our Leadership Coaches can help you with:

• Leading a Team• Giving Feedback Effectively• Achieving Your Strategic Vision• Time Management
• Emotional Intelligence• Shifting Habitual Thought Patterns and Beliefs• Increasing Organization and Productivity• Communicating More Effectively
• Setting High Expectations• Holding Your Team Accountable• Coaching• Delegation
• Stress Reduction• Building and Strengthening Relationships• Accomplishing Significant Goals• Habit Change
• Confidence• Personal Growth• Securing a Promotion• Impostor Syndrome

Why Ama La Vida?


Many coaches will simply tell you the number of sessions you’ll have without any insight into what will take place in those sessions. We follow a clear process with set action steps and measurable results, so you can have transparency around how we will move from point a to point b.

Sustainable change.

Coaching is not a quick fix or an overnight miracle. Coaching is a way to create sustainable change in your life and work. Our proprietary coaching methodology ensures you experience tremendous growth throughout our 12 week leadership coaching program and that you have the tools and accountability structure you need to continue to be successful on your own after our work is done.


You may have studied Finance or Law or Education. And yet, you are asking yourself to also be an expert in leadership, communication and psychology. We bring in experts to support us with our taxes or financial planning. It is wise to also bring in an expert to help you lead your team. After all, as a leader, your team’s success is a critical component of your own.

Our coaches are all rigorously trained in top coaching programs certified by the International Coach Federation. They are experts in their craft and can help you to prioritize and hone in on the areas where you need the most support.


Working with a coach provides you with a structured approach to your leadership development and is a built in accountability system to keep you on track. Even when you encounter roadblocks or struggle to stay motivated, your coach is there every step of the way to help you get back up and keep moving forward.

Our Approach: The ALV Elevate Method

Our Leadership Coaching program, the ALV Elevate Method, consists of 12 one-hour sessions completed on a bi-weekly basis. This program is intended to create sustainable change in your leadership through mental shifts, habit changes and tangible progress toward important goals.

During your bi-weekly one-on-one session with your coach, they will help you overcome obstacles, celebrate victories and brainstorm solutions. Though we follow a proven process throughout the ALV Elevate Method, our coaching is highly personalized, and so each person’s journey through the program will be different. Here is a brief overview of the framework we will follow and the content we may cover in our work together:

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Meet Some of Our Leadership Coaches!

Coach Jennifer

I have coached employees from a variety of organizations and backgrounds on leadership and personal growth. I have a dynamic style, leadership presence and ability to transform leaders into the best version of themselves simply by leveraging the strengths they already have inside. I am passionate about helping others. Many great people supported me early on in my career and I will forever feel the pull to do the same for others so they too may love life. To get to know Jennifer a little better you can click here!

Coach Foram

I'm an Ama La Vida Co-Founder and our Chief Coaching Officer, meaning I work closely with our team of coaches and ensure we are delivering an incredible coaching experience. As a coach, I want to first get to know you. I want to understand what drives you, fulfills you and what makes you tick. Based on an understanding of who you are, we have a better understanding on how to work together. I want to work with you to develop a custom plan for you based on what we know and identify criteria to measure progress and define what success looks like. My analytical and consulting background has shaped me to be very data driven and results oriented Read more about Foram here!

Coach Sara

Hi! My name is Sara Dawson, and I am a Leadership, Health and Career Coach with Ama La Vida. My coaching approach combines the right system, support, and accountability so you can begin elevating yourself in the areas that are most important to you. Through our coaching relationship, we will co-create steps forward in your health, career, and life. I believe everyone has a unique approach to health and happiness and I will help you uncover yours. I support clients who have found success in certain areas of their life yet struggle in others, including confidence, work/life balance, new business momentum, career transition, job satisfaction, weight loss, stress management, presence, and self-sabotage. To read more about Sara's story click here!

Coach Teresa

One of my biggest hesitations when deciding to become a coach was that I might be too direct (read: blunt) for some people, but I have found that busy, motivated, and goal-oriented professionals gravitate toward my “let’s get to the point” approach to coaching. With me, you’ll learn to use your existing strengths and abilities in new and different ways to enhance performance, improve self-esteem, ensure smooth life transitions, and ultimately live a more authentic life of success and achievement. If you have this pre-conceived notion that coaching is too “touchy feel”, don’t worry, we’ll break it down into concrete goals, a laser-focused path, and actionable steps for you to follow. Read more about Teresa here!

Some Helpful Resources

You can click on each of the images below to save these “cheat sheets” for key leadership skills and behaviors. Your coach will work with you to develop these behaviors and apply them to your unique work situation.

how to give effective feedback





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