Choosing a coach is a critical step on the path to meeting your goals. It can be overwhelming! These days it might feel like every other person you meet claims to be some type of coach.

Our team of coaches are carefully selected and vetted to ensure that every single one has been properly trained and is fully certified. We also undergo an extremely thorough recruitment process to ensure our team is the cream of the crop.

When you sign up to become a member with us, you’ll be paired with a coach custom-selected to meet your needs. You’ll also get access to the full team, so if at any point your needs shift, we’re here for you.

Browse the list of coaches below, and then when you’re ready, schedule your free consultation to get paired with your perfect coach. Don’t see a “perfect fit”? Don’t worry. We pride ourselves on making the right match, and we’ll tell you if that’s not us.

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We’re so excited to work with you! As an Ama La Vida member, you can get access to our full coaching team through Celebrity Sessions.

Please note, many of our coaches have full rosters at this time or are only available at the Pro Membership level, so they may not be able to take you on full-time.

To find your perfect match, let’s talk! You can book a free call here, or choose your membership to get started.

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