Author: Kristin Simon

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Where do you want to be in 5 years? What’s your career plan? If you are like many people, these questions may make you cringe. For people that are lucky enough to be in a role that they enjoy, making a career plan may not always be top of mind. Why change things when they […]

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Leadership development is an important concept no matter who you are. Which of these scenarios do you identify with?   You are a leader that is trying to strategize ways to increase organizational employee engagement and retention. Or maybe you are a manager of teams that wants to enable their employees to continue to advance to […]

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“I got this.” Words of Wisdom from a 4-year-old When I thought about writing this post related to self-confidence, I kept racking my brain for famous quotes and words of advice from inspirational leaders. I then realized that the inspiration was living under my roof and under four feet tall. My 4-year old daughter has […]

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Let’s be honest, many, if not most, would agree that the concept  “Career Advancement made easy” is a pipe dream. Thinking about career advancement may evoke resentful feelings of hopelessness and frustration at not finding a future role or work culture in which they feel valued and fulfilled.  Career advancement looks different to everyone. For many, […]

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“If you tie your self worth to your career, the successes and failures you experience will directly affect your self-worth.” Anne Wilson (professor of psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University) When I considered a career transition out of the HR profession, I initially feared that once I was no longer in a role as an HR […]

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“Trust the process.” – Anonymous For the past three years, one of my kiddos has struggled with some less-than-great eating habits. Her pediatrician was unconcerned and told me to just wait it out. But as a mother who values the six main food groups, I started her in OT at the age of 2. At a […]

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