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Career Development Coaching

Unlock Your Career Potential With Ama La Vida

What if instead of waiting for the right opportunity, you could take control of your own career growth trajectory starting right now?

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Or, how about this…

What if you could learn a proven method for career development plans that will give you the skills to be proactive in creating career growth opportunities for yourself that fit what you actually want and need? (Yes, even if you have a bad boss.)

Want to know how?

Our approach is a comprehensive career development coaching program and eCoaching toolkit that will support you every step of the way to create a concrete plan that will help you build on your current skills and make real progress toward your goal career.

What does this all mean?

You don’t have to wait around for a magical fairy-god-boss to move your career forward. Take back the power by being proactive in your career development.

Life is unexpected. No matter what comes your way, having a strong foundation for your career and proactively managing it allows you to create a life in which you lead, rather than being at the mercy of your leadership team. Don’t let others determine your career development.

It’s time to take the lead in your career and your life.

Imagine feeling in control of your career path on your own terms, without compromising who you are at your core.

Imagine a life where you can…

  • Move up the career ladder and reach that job title you’ve been dreaming of
  • Do work that matters to you: work that matches your interests and that you enjoy
  • Gain new skills and education that excite and inspire you
  • Make more money and live comfortably
  • Have better boundaries with work and your personal life so you can spend with the people you love and hobbies you enjoy
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You know that in order to take control of your career on your own terms, you need an action plan to take the reins of your career development and look past your short-term goals.

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  • Have bad bosses or uninspiring leaders in your current position
  • Crave career options beyond your job description
  • Lack a clear vision in your career, let alone a career development plan
  • Aren’t sure what careers are available to you or what companies match your interests
  • Feel like an outsider or don’t fit in with other employees in your industry
  • Are bored in your current role and position
  • Lack confidence from past experiences
  • Feel that your current career path doesn’t align with how you desire to live

Sound familiar?

If you want to learn the ins and outs of taking the reins of your career development, we’re here to help.

Check this out

The Career Empowerment Toolkit

The foundation for our Career Development Coaching Membership. Take control of your career path on your own terms.

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This program gives you all the tools you need to start planning and take control of your career development goals on your own terms, and be confident knowing that no matter what changes life throws your way, you’ll be able to have a career you love that supports you to live your dreams.


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“[Ama La Vida] helped me see that the only limits were those that I was placing on myself. I’ve revolutionized my life and am living more authentically. Feels good to take ownership of my future!”

– Kelly F.

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“Working with Ama La Vida has been a wonderful experience. I loved how thoughtful the coaches are, the great tools and resources offered through the platform, and the great guidance and care I received while I was a member. ALV helped me navigate through some challenging professional challenges and I am so grateful to have had the support!

– Nicole B.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Ama La Vida helped me quickly focus in on my goals and values. I loved the modules, especially the purpose module because it was reaffirming to me that I was on the right path going forward. I would absolutely recommend Ama La Vida for coaching, both personally and professionally.”

– Amy M.


Unlike other professional development programs, our Career Development Coaching is based on our proven Career Empowerment Toolkit online course.

We’ve designed a comprehensive program that goes far beyond a simple career development plan template to help you navigate taking the reins of your career path and career development planning in 5 pillars:

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Pillar 1: Crafting A Vision

Determine what career success truly means to you. It’s easy to feel lost and unsure of your career path when you’re not sure what you’re career goals are. That’s why we’re here to help you craft a clear and inspiring vision of your future as the foundation for your career planning. Let’s face it, no amount of career exploration will help you reach your goals if you don’t know what you want or what interests you.

We believe that your job is a resource to serve your life, not the other way around. By defining what’s important to you and how your job can help you achieve your goals, you’ll be empowered to create a fulfilling and purposeful career plan.

Pillar 2: Creating Career Alignment

An effective career development plan starts with your skills, dreams, and priorities at the very center and uses it to create a detailed action plan you can use to meet your long-term goals. Once you have an actionable plan for your professional life, learn the steps to take control of your career path and create alignment between your chosen career vision and reality.

We’ll guide you through a gap analysis process of identifying areas where you may not be honoring your boundaries or utilizing your strengths to their fullest potential. Through a series of practical exercises, you’ll learn how to set time-bound, short-term goals that are the preliminary steps to bring you closer to the career and life you envision for yourself.

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Pillar 3: Showing Up

A Harvard Research Study indicates that being yourself at work will not only make you happier, but also up to three times as successful!

Yes, that’s easier said than done. We’ll teach you to develop a deep self-awareness about your professional brand and the value you bring to the table. You’ll explore your communication and operating style, and prepare you to give and receive feedback effectively.

Next, you’ll make a plan for what you want to accomplish in your position within your company, now and into the future. Setting and achieving meaningful and achievable career goals is also a critical component of showing up authentically and moving your career forward. At Ama La Vida we don’t just use SMART goals, but instead EPIC goals, designed to inspire you and move you forward.

Pillar 4: Being Proactive

Say goodbye to feeling stuck or at the mercy of external circumstances. This pillar is all about empowering you to actively manage your career plans and intentionally expand your professional network.

Don’t wait until you start your job search to start attending networking events, joining professional associations, or doing informational interviews with top companies in your industry that excite and interest you.

Instead, our coaches will teach you how to stay engaged in ongoing professional growth and development, ensuring your skills never become stale. With the right processes in place, you’ll regularly check in with others around you and have an abundance of opportunities at any time. From networking with your current career field to ongoing career development plans to upward management, we’ll guide you in developing invaluable new skills to keep your resume fresh and your options limitless.

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Pillar 5: Advocating

Become your own biggest advocate! It’s not always easy to speak up for ourselves, but it’s necessary if we want to achieve our goals and live the life we want. Build the skills to confidently ask for what you need across compensation, workload, and lifestyle.

We’ll help you develop strategies for direct communication with your leaders and build meaningful relationships with those who can help advocate on your behalf. With these skills, you’ll be able to take control of your career trajectory and create the opportunities and experiences you want.

What makes Ama La Vida Career Coaching different?

Ama La Vida takes a holistic view of your career. We are not matching you with a career counselor who is solely focused on landing you a job or the company employee retention goals. Instead, our career development programs are designed to help you find your dream career, with a long-term view to your success and happiness.

We utilize proven coaching methodologies and have developed proprietary coaching curriculums in our eCoaching platform to support our members on their career paths.

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DIY with The Career Empowerment Toolkit

Feeling crafty? Get started on your own. This option includes:

💻 Instant access to our library of eCoaching content:

  • The Career Empowerment Toolkit online course. We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help you navigate taking the reins of your career goals.
  • The ALV Career Method eCoaching program. We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help you navigate your career transition so you can quit the cycle of toxic, unfulfilling jobs and land the career of your dreams.
  • Quit Your Imposter Syndrome. Become your most confident self and get out of your own way with our unique process. Warning: this will take you out of your own comfort zone and into a life you couldn’t imagine!
  • eCoaching Toolbox. Get quick-fix solutions for everything from productivity to body language, and so much more.

📅  Entry to The Community Membership.
Get 8+ monthly group coaching sessions available only to our members on a wide array of topics. Connect with other Ama La Vida members, share your journey, and build a strong network.

📱 All-access pass to our ALV Connect Community Slack channel.
As questions, challenges, celebrations and shares come up, pop over to the group and get direct support from your peers and ALV coaches.

$99 for 1-year access

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Reach your goals faster with Career Development Coaching Membership

Get one-on-one support as you create your career development plan and navigate all the tricky situations that may come your way. Your coach will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re on track and have everything you need to achieve your dreams.

This option includes everything included in the DIY Career Empowerment Toolkit purchase PLUS:

💬 45-minute 1:1 sessions with your coach.
You will be hand-matched by one of our relationship strategists for the right coach based on your specific goals, personality, and requests.

🌟 Celebrity sessions give you access to our full coaching team.
No matter what comes up, we’ve got you covered. Only Ama La Vida offers access to our full team of coaches to ensure we can help as your goals evolve.

Starting at $379/mo

Save 10% with an annual membership!

You have questions, we have answers:

How do I get matched with a coach?

Can you guarantee success?

We have coached thousands of people over our 6 years together and we can tell you, this works. The first step of our process is to help you define success for yourself, because that looks different for everyone. Once you have that, we will support and guide you so that you have all the tools you need to be successful.

What makes you qualified to help me?

All of our coaches undergo a rigorous vetting process before joining the team at Ama La Vida. We take into account ICF certifications, advanced degrees, industry experience, and coaching background to ensure that you are signing up with the highest quality coaching team.

How will this be different from therapy, or talking to my friends and family?

Great question. The short answer is that a therapist is uniquely qualified to address disorders and mental health concerns in a way that our coaching staff is not, and would not.

Instead, a coach is there to help you identify what you want to create in your life and career and put a plan in place to achieve it. We can help you see where your thoughts, habits, reactions and assumptions are getting in the way of you reaching your goals. You can learn more about coaching versus therapy in this blog post.

On the other hand, your family and friends can be wonderful resources and support for you. However, they often come to the conversation with their own perspectives of what they want to see for you, which may not line up with your own goals and desires for your life! Our coaches go through a thorough training process so they can help you identify what you want and get there using your unique skills and gifts.

How will I be matched with a coach?

Our team of expert Relationship Strategists will review your intake form or speak with you one-on-one to better understand your goals, the right coaching-style for you, and any other preferences you have.

From there, they will match you with one of our 40+ coaches we have personally reviewed and vetted to ensure you receive the highest quality support.

What if I don’t like my coach?

While uncommon, if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your coach pairing, just let us know and we’ll be happy to match you with another coach.

Sometimes it takes getting into the process to fully understand what you need.

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Career Development Coaching is perfect for you if…

⏩ You “fell into” a career trajectory only to realize it wasn’t what you actually wanted

⏩ Are disillusioned by the idea of a dream job and not sure what to do next

⏩ Know you want to change industries but unsure where to start your research

⏩ Have recently been laid off or let go, and want to find a job that’s a better fit

⏩ Are tired of toxic work environments and ready for a change

⏩ Have recently experienced a life change (new child, need to move, sick family member, etc) and need a job that can accommodate that

⏩ Want to build new skills and see growth in your career, but need more employee development than your company can offer

⏩ Know you are meant for more and ready to embark on your dream career journey

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