Join Coach Brenna to dive deeper into your strengths, examine blind spots and work toward using and developing them for your success. We can discuss what you’re currently using and what you’re neglecting, ways to intentionally activate your strengths and how to talk about them with other people. We can also discuss your strengths through the lens of how you partner (and where you find friction) with those around you.

This session is the perfect way to bring a new level of confidence to your interview process, and you’ll surely knock the “tell me about your strengths” question out of the park!

In this session you will…

  • Conduct a strengths assessment (either the CliftonStrengths assessment and/or Ama La Vida’s Strengths module) and debrief on the results. We may also discuss previous strengths assessments you’ve taken.
  • Further refine your definition and understanding of your own strengths.
  • Evaluate how your strengths contribute to your goals like in job interviewing or in your personal life and craft action steps to further integrate your strengths into your life.