Coaches Survey
Hi Coaches,

Thank you so much for taking a moment to complete our quarterly coaches survey. The point of this survey is to help us better understand where you're at and any suggestions or feedback you have so that we can do a better job of supporting and developing you in every way possible! Please be honest and share whatever is on your mind because every piece of feedback matters.

Thank you again!

Katie, Nicole, and Foram


On a scale from one to ten, with one being "not true" and ten being "very true", please answer the below questions.

1. If Everyone Loves Your Idea, It’s Not Crazy Enough.
Our business cannot grow without crazy ideas. Fuel those ideas, don’t dilute them. We're building something epic here, so dream big. No idea is too big or too small. Change the world. Challenge the status quo.

2. It’s Your Duty to Find and Become all of Who You Are.
You bring something valuable to the company that no one else can. It is your mission to find your passions, embrace your gifts, honor your values and live your purpose. Ask for what you need to grow them and give them.  Always be authentic - don’t change yourself to fit the mold.

3. Break it. Own it. Fix it.
Challenge yourself every single day. Innovation only happens when you’re curious enough to question and courageous enough to try.  Don’t let your fear of failure hold you back from your fight for better.  Sometimes you’ll nail it. Sometimes you’ll screw up. And that’s ok. It is only through trying, failing, and continuously bettering that we can become the world’s leading coaching company.

4. Our Clients Are Our Heartbeat.
We would not be alive without our clients - they are the lifeblood of our business. They are real people who are entrusting us with their lives and dreams. Handle with delicate care. The solution to any problem has the client at its center.

5. Work Hard. But For the Love of God, Have Fun.
This is a business that drives results. It doesn’t matter when or where, as long as you get shit done. Flexibility is a privilege - enjoy it and be worthy. We do our best work when we’re having fun, so always Ama La Vida. It’s not just our name; it’s our way of life.

6. My success is yours and yours is mine.
Recognize and celebrate others. Our achievements are all interconnected. A rising tide lifts all boats. So focus on bringing in the tide, not on having the biggest boat.

7. If you’re waiting for the dust to settle, you’ll be waiting forever.
Change is uncomfortable, but it is only through continuously changing that we can achieve our vision. Don’t fear it or fight it - embrace it.No matter how big we get, we are always susceptible to competition, or worse yet, becoming obsolete. Keep a watchful eye on trends and warning signs. Be patient but always ready to act.

8. Be a perpetual student.
Even the smartest person in the room has something to be learned. Never stop asking questions. Learning is an opportunity, not a chore. Always be bettering. Learn. Grow. Develop. Repeat.

9. Give a shit.
The most powerful thing you can do is care. Care enough to fix an error on the website. To find a better solution for a product. To go out of your way to help a struggling colleague. To give a client 10 star service on a 5 star scale. Care enough to do the small things because the small things are what become the big things. This business is a work of art and you are one of the artists. Every paint stroke matters. Treat it like a masterpiece and that’s what it will become.