At Ama La Vida, we value results! And we not only value them, we also measure them.  We want to ensure that you are achieving your desired goals and growing in the areas that matter most.  We ask that you complete the relevant questionnaire below to help you (and us) track and measure your development.

New Client Questionnaire

Just starting out

Welcome! We’re so excited that you joined our community of purpose-seekers, go-getters and game-changers. This questionnaire will help you see where you’re currently at in different domains of your life and will provide your coach with some valuable information. It will also be the base from which we will then measure your ongoing progress and development.

Progress Questionnaire

How are you growing?

Well done on your continued investment in your personal and professional development! We hope you are gaining so much from working with your coach and are already beginning to see powerful results. Let’s take a moment to measure those results. This will help you and your coach see how far you have come and which areas deserve more attention.

Completion Questionnaire


Well done! You have completed your coaching engagement.  We hope it was everything you had hoped for, plus so much more.  It is important that you walk away feeling inspired, empowered and committed. It is just as important that you walk away with tangible results. This questionnaire will help you see how much you have grown during your coaching.

Transition Plan

Maintain Your Success

Well done on completing your coaching engagement. It is now important that you put in place an actionable plan to maintain your goals.  This transition plan will help you identify effective strategies, measurement metrics, accountability mechanisms and time frames to continue your development far beyond the completion of your coaching.