Ongoing support for ongoing growth

You’re invited to become a founding member of our Community “Launch Party” offering, exclusive to ALV Alumni, friends and family.

It’s so hard...

…to make time for yourself and prioritize your goals.

…to find ways to grow your career, your network, and your personal life.

…to maintain the progress you saw while working with your coach.

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Can you imagine…

Coming to a place every week where you can learn, grow and be held accountable to becoming the best version of yourself?

Building a long-lasting network with like-minded people?

Regularly learning about new ideas, techniques and resources?

Feeling challenged and supported every step of the way?

An exclusive offer to the Ama La Vida network.

The ALV Community membership is designed to offer you all the perks of our coaching membership at an affordable monthly rate of just $99. Our beta includes…

2 group coaching calls each week*: These will be exclusive, live calls offered throughout the week (different days and times to accommodate a variety of schedules) only to our ALV Network community. Not even coaching members will get access to these; they’re just for you.

eCoaching dashboard: You can work through our eCoaching modules and tools whenever you want!

ALV Connect: Our members-only Slack channel with resources, conversations, and Q&A from our coaches and other members.

Members-only add-ons: Access to single 1:1 coaching session or resume revamp add-ons, not available to the public.

*Schedule may vary based on holiday closures. Calls will not be recorded to provide a coaching-conducive environment for those who attend.

What is group coaching?

Group coaching sessions are facilitated discussions led by one of our team of coaches. Unlike one-on-one dedicated coaching sessions, in group coaching you will have the opportunity to hear varying perspectives, share from your own experiences, and learn from others.

Research has shown that group coaching can lead to…

  • Improved self-awareness and sense of self
  • Improved relationships with those around them
  • No longer feeling alone
  • A sense of giving back

In addition to the direct benefit you will gain in speaking with the coach yourself, there is learning which happens by hearing about others experiences and internally processing how they would approach the situation based on what they learned in the session.

Come to these sessions ready to explore your own challenges, hear how others have worked through similar experiences, and gain insights from other members as well as your coach.

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“I enjoyed the community membership and getting a taste of the different coaches’ styles. There’s truly something for everyone.

It’s also helpful to hear other people’s experiences and being able to find common ground with other community members. Would recommend for anyone looking to dip their toe into the coaching experience.”

Are you ready?

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