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Growth that lasts

We’ve seen it time and time again. Companies do a workshop or training, and at best the attendees feel energized and excited for a week. Sometimes even just a day. And then behavior returns to the status quo and nothing changes.

To create lasting, meaningful change, you need personalized habit change at the leadership level.

Many leadership development firms focus solely on sharing information when designing and executing training programs. Our methodology integrates adult learning, psychology and change models to maximize insights and initiates action.


Quarterly workshops establish a common language and processes across the team.

Our methodology integrates adult learning, psychology, and change models to maximize insights and initiates action.

  • Trainings are broken up into smaller segments over time to ensure retention and implementation.
  • Focus is social by engaging in continued discussion, group coaching, and sharing of the knowledge.
  • Designing content that will stick, not just what is fun and popular.
  • Integrated coaching throughout to push through discomfort and challenge for long-term change.

Group Coaching

Collaborate and build on what was learned in workshops through facilitated conversations.

This is such a fantastic program. My biggest takeaway is that there is room for growth across all leaders. I also want to add that there was immense value in just getting leaders at this level all in the same room talking about challenges. I really felt the “community” for the first time in a while. I have been missing that over the past 1.5 years with remote work.

All leadership training Programs include

💬 Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
One-on-one coaching is the basis for all of our programs. In these personal sessions participants will get individual support to develop strong leadership skills.

📝 360 Assessments
Before the coaching begins, we’ll complete a full 360 review of each participant to establish their strengths, blindspots, and opportunities for growth so that our customized coaching can meet them where they’re at. This then gives us the basis for measurement we’ll use throughout the process.

💻 Instant Access to Our Accredited Elevate eCoaching Program

We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help leaders at all levels enhance their skills through this 3-part program:

  1. The Future of the Organization
  2. Leadership & Performance Fundamentals
  3. Coaching Your Team to Success

📈 Insights and reporting
Managers receive monthly reports that identify themes from coaching sessions across all participants so that they can stay ahead of any opportunities and challenges the team may be facing, from employee morale and engagement to opportunities for information sharing and training.

📞 Quarterly Triad Meetings with coach, manager, and coachee
Managers can not only stay informed of the coachee’s progress, these meetings also provide a space for the manager to support the coachee in their developmental goals.

📱 All Access Pass to our ALV Connect Community Slack channel for ongoing support
As questions, challenges, celebrations and shares come up, pop over to the group and get direct support from peers and ALV coaches.

🌟 Celebrity Sessions with our Full Coaching Team
After being matched with the right coach, coachees can also access the full breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise any time they need with celebrity sessions – unique to Ama La Vida!

“A smart virtual learning program was around six times more likely to get people to take actions than the usual way learning is delivered in person. Not 6% better, or 60% better, but 600% better.

NeuroLeadership Institute

Leadership Coach Foram conducting a video meeting via Zoom with her team

“I was so pleased with the ALV workshop. I was happy to see a good flow of chat and hear some voices I didn’t necessarily expect. And I’m getting good feedback from the entire team – even saying that they want more workshops like that. One employee in particular, said in just two days he can see the positive change in himself and how her perceives his day. This just lights me up, and I know his energy will overflow to the rest of the team, especially the team members he manages.”

Libby K., Staff Accountant, GTR