Forget the Ping Pong Table

A Better Way to Show You Care

Of course your employees appreciate free beer and ping pong, but that is not enough to demonstrate that you are invested in your workforce and that you care about them as professionals and individuals.  Millennials especially are seeking organizations which invest in their growth, development and overall well-being.  Even a small investment can reap large benefits in terms of loyalty, engagement and productivity.  Our Personal and Professional Enrichment Program (PPEP) provides your organization with the perfect vehicle to support, nurture and invest in your employees in ways that actually matter! 

How Does it Work?

  1. Annual Subscription for Employees – Each employee is set up with an annual subscription and login credentials where they access all of their PPEP tools and resources.
  2. Every Month a New Development Theme – From fighting fear to boosting productivity and everything in between, we feature a new personal and professional growth theme every month. We also have the ability to add, change or tailor themes to meet your organization’s needs and preferences.
  3. Monthly Development Coaching Tools – Every month we release one to three eCoaching tools related to the monthly theme which help your employees learn, reflect and create strategies to improve their competence with that skill. Our eCoaching tools provide a fun and effective framework for consistent growth and development.
  4. Receive Valuable Data About Your Employees – Through the eCoaching technology, we capture valuable (and anonymous) data about your employees, and we provide you with ongoing insights so you can better understand the motivators, preferences, skills and concerns of your workforce.
  5. Weekly Encouragement and Accountability – Each week we send a personal email including resources, insights, challenges and encouragement to keep your employees motivated and on track.
  6. Development Prizes and Rewards – We reward employees for their ongoing growth and development by providing prizes and points toward live coaching.
  7. Collaboration and Community – We can create an online community or advise on how you can do so within your existing platforms so your employees can share their new insights and support each other in their learning, growth and development. Our certified coaches will also be involved to answer questions, show support and share their tips and resources.
  8. Monthly Coaching or Workshops – We can supplement the tools with virtual or in-person small group coaching sessions or larger workshops to reinforce learnings, surface new insights and inspire your employees to make behavior changes which benefit both your organization and their career.

Why Does it Matter?

  1. Continuous Improvement – Your employees will constantly improve as people and professionals, learning new skills and techniques for greater success at work and at home.
  2. Engagement & Growth -With an exciting development program and consistently enriching material, employees will feel more valued and engaged. Your workforce will be more productive, mindful and loyal, increasing employee output and decreasing employee turnover.
  3. Insights – With our rich data and insights you will understand your employees in new and valuable ways – what are their drivers, what are their fears? Where are they are lacking and what do they need to perform at their best? This will help you implement new policies and strategies to better your people and organization.
  4. Focus – Personal and professional development is our specialty. Not only do we create industry leading tools and resources, but we also take all of the administrative and organizational tasks of managing an enrichment program off your hands. We have the infrastructure – you look like the hero.

A New and Better Way to Invest in Your People

Some of Our Partners


The National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals, to assisting women into leadership positions in business, and to enhancing the diversity of the workforce worldwide. We serve four related client groups: female MBA students, female business professionals and MBA-level entrepreneurs, universities and corporate partners.


Based in Seattle, Makers is a unique and innovative coworking space providing flexibility, custom design to boost creativity, and a community of supporters to its members. ALV and Makers have partnered up to further raise the coworking bar by offering monthly professional and personal development to all Makers members. ALV provides monthly in-person lunch and learns as well as virtual tools and resources.