Being a team is not just about working together.  Being a team is about trust, respect, understanding and synergy.  Our powerful team coaching program will develop your team into something far larger than the sum of its parts.  We use powerful coaching, proprietary tools and facilitated discussion to help your employees question assumptions, broaden perspectives and reach new insights about themselves and their team members.  Your team will walk away with skills to communicate effectively, manage functional conflict and leverage each other’s passions and strengths.

How Does It Work?

We use our four phase coaching process to deliver a powerful team-coaching experience.  We recommend 6 two-hour coaching sessions over a six month period, however we can also tailor the program to meet your organization’s needs and urgency.  The program has been designed by our intergenerational team of experienced coaches and pays special attention to the importance of understanding and leveraging generational differences and strengths.

What Are The Outcomes?

Generational Awareness and Appreciation

Employees will learn to respect and appreciate the unique strengths, preferences and contributions of different generations.

Shared Vision and Common Goals

The team will be empowered and supported to arrive at a shared vision and aligned goals to improve team collaboration and overall performance

Constructive Rules of Engagement

The team will work together to establish core standards and principles for their behavior, interaction and communication in the workplace

Powerful Collaboration and Synergies

The team will be supported to identify their passions, gifts, values and strengths and how they can use these to improve their collaboration and performance

Clear and Effective Conflict Management

The team will finish with powerful systems and strategies for resolving conflict and transforming it into opportunities for growth. 

Improved Communication and Feedback

Employees will learn to identify and leverage the various communication styles and most effective feedback channels within the team 

"Alone we can do so little... together we can do so much"
~ Helen Keller