Our workshops aren’t like the ones you’ve seen twenty times.  Designed by our experienced team of coaches and creatives, we provide a new and unique experience so that your employees can grow in new and unique ways.  Our fresh and innovative ideas and activities will create a truly unforgettable experience for your organization.  

We have six signature workshops

We can also tailor any of our offerings, or design a customized workshop to meet your organization’s specific needs.


The Illuminate Your Purpose workshops empowers your employees to identify and leverage their passions, gifts, values and Purpose. Employees are then empowered integrate their insights into their professional life by developing application-based strategies and goals.


The Ignite and Align Your Purpose Workshop focuses on mobilizing team spirit and performance by empowering individuals to recognize and embrace each other’s passions, gifts and values. The team then collaborates to design a shared vision, manifesto and fingerprint


There is no denying that there is a clear difference in preferences and values among the generations.  Rather than enforcing conformity, we help your employees understand and leverage differences to increase productivity, collaboration and engagement across your diverse workforce


This workshop helps leaders understand the differences, commonalities, preferences and key areas prone to conflict between different generations. Leaders will learn how to effectively tailor their leadership styles and communication to each generation as well as develop techniques to best manage conflict and build a collaborative team.


Are you investing in your high-potential leaders? Do they have the necessary skills to take your organization to the next level and cultivate a fostering environment? Great leaders do not just happen. They are developed. This workshop is designed to arm your future leaders with the skills, tools, knowledge and awareness they need to effectively lead.


This is the most critical time for your organization. You have to be agile and flexible to keep up with the changing environment and retain your talent. 99% of employees become disengaged if change is not executed strategically. This workshop equips your leaders with the skills to create, lead and execute strategic change in an impactful and effective way.

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