Ongoing trainings, workshops, and coaching are an integral part of improving employee engagement and performance, developing a strong company culture, and reducing turnover. At Ama La Vida, we use certified coaching methodologies to not only educate your employees, but also give them the tools they need to become better leaders and managers throughout their careers.

In addition, every one of our programs includes a pre- and post session evaluation to ensure we’re making a real impact.


64% increase in knowledge of how to coach team members

100% stated they will make changes to effectively listen to team members

90% will provide more feedback

21% increase in self awareness

“I was so pleased with the ALV workshop. I was happy to see a good flow of chat and hear some voices I didn’t necessarily expect. And I’m getting good feedback from the entire team – even saying that they want more workshops like that. One employee in particular, said in just two days he can see the positive change in himself and how her perceives his day. This just lights me up, and I know his energy will overflow to the rest of the team, especially the team members he manages.”
~ Libby K., Staff Accountant, GTR


ALV Co-Founder Foram presenting on stage.


We have group workshops and training for employees at any stage of their careers, from Employee Engagement all the way through Leadership and Development Training. Our workshops are custom created to fit your needs. We use a hybrid coaching approach, adult learning and practical implementation to develop our content.


Offer your leaders at any level the opportunity to improve their skills with our hybrid program. Our signature Elevate Program uses a unique combination of 1:1 Coaching along with our eCoaching modules to provide a systematic, measurable, and scalable solution. We will work with your team to develop and manage this engagement in a way that can be easily implemented, adopted, and tracked.


We will work with you to customize the workshop and training content for your team’s specific needs. Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Emotional intelligence: Setting and respecting boundaries and developing empathy
  • Coach as leader
  • Active listening
  • Deep questioning
  • Being purpose-driven
  • Building trust
  • Driving towards a high performing organization