What are values?

    Values are your non-negotiables. They are the principles, ideas, and behaviors that are most important to you and your way of life. Your values work as a compass, helping guide you in your decisions and direction.

    Why are values important?

    Our values give us direction. They help us to make meaningful decisions and intentional choices. We all have values, but we don't always know exactly what they are. This can influence us to lead a life incongruent with our core values, which is one of the biggest sources of inner turmoil. Once you identify your values, you can start re-aligning your life in a meaningful way. You can start making value-driven choices about your future that lead to meaning, direction, and integrity.

    What are the outcomes of this activity?

    At the end of this activity, you will finish with your three core personal values and your three core professional values. These values can be used as an internal compass for guiding your direction and making important life decisions.

    How does this activity fit into the bigger picture?

    Now that you’ve explored your passions and gifts, it’s time to dive into your values. Just like your passions and gifts, they will help you understand who you are and what you want your life to be about. Once you have your five core values, you will then use them along with your passions and gifts to help you identify your Purpose. Before we get started, below is a recap of the passions and gifts you discovered in the previous activities.

    Your Personal Passions:

    Your Professional Passions:

    Your Unique Gifts: