Free Kindness Card Tool

Kind People Are The Best Kind of People

Take a moment to recognize and appreciate the kind people in your life... those people that bring you soup when you have the flu, give you a call when you are feeling down or just simply say kind things right when you need to hear them.

Kindness takes strength.

Often it is feels easier to criticize, fight, ignore or judge. Often it feels easier to keep living life exactly the way we like it without thinking of others. Kindness is a choice that requires intention. It is important to celebrate those people who wake up every morning and choose kindness. They are the people who make this world brighter!

Take a moment to think about the kindest person you know.

Have you ever told them that you think that? Imagine getting a call, text or card from someone thanking you for being kind. How would it make you feel?

Now's your opportunity to warm someone's heart by letting them know. Give them a call or send them a text to express how much you appreciate them and their kindness. Or, even better, send them one of the cute cards below!

Choose your card, enter their name, email and a message and we'll send it their way!!

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Option Two

No problem. That is awesome that you are surrounded by so many kind people in your life. Choose your card and enter their details below.
And there you have it... you've just ticked off another act of kindness by making someone's day!

If you know someone else who might want to send a kindness card, feel free to share this around 🙂

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Have a wonderful and kind day!

The ALV Team