Why Health and Wellness Coaching?

The goal of our health and wellness coaching is true transformation, not just getting “on track.” Because of that, we won’t focus much on the specifics of your diet and exercise (that’s more for a dietitian/nutritionist/trainer). Our health and wellness coaching works to help you figure out and define what is healthy for yourself. Then your coach supports you as you work through blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the habits you want to change!

Do you have a long list of to-dos’ but lack the energy to get them accomplished? Do you need more energy to make it through a busy day? Are you teetering on the edge of burnout? Are you sick of diet traps? Are you ready to take back your health to live a more balanced and engaging life? If you answered “yes”; to any of these questions, our Health and Wellness Coaching is for you. Our Health and Wellness coaches can help you with:

• Being Present• Habit Change• Essential Nutrition• Personal Growth
• Creativity and Self Expression• Shifting Habitual Thought Patterns and Beliefs• Relationship with Food/Body/Lifestyle• Accomplishing Significant Goals
• Stress Reduction• Financial Wellness• Overcoming Self-Sabotage• Body Movement
• Increasing Organization and Productivity• Reclaiming Personal Power• Building and Strengthening Relationships• Finding and Living Your Purpose

Our Program

Our health and wellness program provides a structured approach to improving across 4 crucial components of wellness- Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. When you begin the program, you’ll define with your coach your primary focus based on the goals you want to achieve in each area.

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About The Program

Our Health and Wellness coaching is a 12-week commitment. During your weekly 1:1 session with your coach they will help you overcome obstacles, celebrate victories and brainstorm solutions! Our coaching is highly personalized, and so each person’s journey through the program will be different. Here is a brief overview of the framework we will follow and the content we may cover in our work together:

Session 1-4: Defining your goals and your “why,” discovering what gives you energy, honoring what best serves you, and revisiting/adjusting the goals you set.
Session 5-8: How to combat self-sabotage, how to define healthy behaviors and activities, honing in on relaxation, and how to nourish what matters.
Session 9-12: Harnessing your personal power, acknowledging your accomplishments and exploring other areas of interest for the future, assessing the life you’re living, and tying up any loose ends.

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Meet Our Health and Wellness Coaches!

Coach Erin

Hi! My name is Erin and I am a personal coach with Ama La Vida. I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago and went to San Diego for a BA in Psychology. I fell in love with the field, but one class on Positive Psychology transformed how I thought about mental health. I decided I didn’t want to pursue the path of a therapist, but a path of personal empowerment and happiness. While working at a university, I studied servant leadership during my Master’s program, which helped mold my ideal vision for a career serving others. When I moved back to Chicago I started a job in finance as an administrative associate. Never the passion, but the means to pursue my passion. Over the years, I found coaching and realized it incorporated both ideas of personal empowerment and leadership. Having pursued Health and Life Coaching certifications, I’m certain this is the path I was meant to be on. To read more about Erin click here!

Coach Sara

Hi! My name is Sara Dawson, and I am a Health, Career, and Business Coach with Ama La Vida. I’m originally from California and spent several years in beautiful Connecticut, though Seattle is my true home. I love exploring the outdoors with my husband and dog, and equally enjoy being a homebody with our two cats. You can also find me playing soccer, practicing Taekwon-do, running marathons, snowboarding, or enjoying chill time with family and friends. After hitting my wall, I finally took action and found the right diet, high-performance lifestyle, and mindset through tons of research, trial and error, and guidance from my own coach. I’m so grateful to have discovered the confidence and freedom to live my best life! Now I enjoy helping others bridge that gap between where they are and where they want to be as quickly as possible in all aspects of life. To read more about Sara's story click here!

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