The goal of our health and wellness coaching is true transformation – mind, body and soul. We believe health coaching isn’t just about losing weight or getting fit; it’s about building a long-term happy, healthy relationship with your body and mind. Together with your coach you’ll develop the tools and resources you need to take back your health, so you can live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life

We focus on establishing sustainable healthy habits and partner with dietitians, nutritionists and trainers to benefit all areas of your life. After we define what healthy is for you, we’ll work to develop a plan that’ll get you there. Your coach will be by your side to keep you motivated and accountable as you work through blocks and beliefs that keep you stuck. You’ll start to embody the picture of health that you once thought was out of reach.

  • Do you have a long list of to-do’s but lack the energy to get them accomplished?
  • Do you need more energy to make it through a busy day?
  • Are you teetering on the edge of burnout?
  • Are you sick of diet traps?
  • Are you ready to take back your health to live a more balanced and engaging life?

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, our Health and Wellness Coaching is for you. Our coaches can help you find clarity and confidence to move forward in any or all of these areas:

• Being Present • Habit Change • Essential Nutrition • Personal Growth
• Creativity and Self Expression • Shifting Habitual Thought Patterns and Beliefs • Relationship with Food/Body/Lifestyle • Accomplishing Significant Goals
• Stress Reduction • Gut Health and IBS • Overcoming Self-Sabotage • Body Movement
• Increasing Organization and Productivity • Body Confidence and Self Love • Building and Strengthening Relationships • Finding and Living Your Purpose
• Ditching Diet Culture • Creating a High-performance Life • Developing a Growth Mindset • Knowing Your Worth

This coaching track will create tangible results in your life through mental shifts, emotional breakthroughs and sustainable habit change. In partnership with your coach, you will brainstorm solutions, overcome obstacles and celebrate victories!

We utilize a unique blend of live one-on-one coaching sessions and a proprietary curriculum in our online eCoaching platform. Your coach will assign you modules to complete in between sessions to document your reflections, insights and commitments and to maximize the impact of your time spent together. While the curriculum will be tailored to you and your unique needs and priorities, it typically includes:




In addition to the holistic health coaching described above, we also provide hyper-focused health coaching tracks in the following areas:
Body Confidence Coaching
Ditch diet culture and build a more confident you from the inside out. Learn more here.
Gut Health Coaching
Develop a healthier gut by making the right choices for your body and the symptoms you’re experiencing. Learn more here.



Two levels of membership to fit your goals and budget.


4x membership a month $729membership benefits2x membership a month $379


Still have questions? We would love to help! Book a complimentary consultation to learn more and and get matched with the perfect coach for you.