Identifying yours and growing beyond them

Limiting Beliefs
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As you reflect on your life, there were likely times you remember being fearless and curious. Our childhood curiosity takes us places we wouldn’t dream of going as adults. As we grow up, we are slowly introduced to rules that define what we should say, how we should be, and what we should do. These “Shoulds” slowly build upon one another and result in us creating limiting beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs inhibit us from realizing and reaching our full potential. While some of these rules are essential, it’s important to understand where we hold ourselves back. This module is designed to help you explore what’s holding you back, where you are standing in your own way, and help you see how you can reach greater heights. 

What Are Limiting Beliefs: 

A limiting belief is defined as a state of mind, belief, or conviction that you think is true that limits you in some way. It could be something about you, how you interact with other people, or the world as a whole. Have you ever found yourself saying things like, “I always say the wrong thing” or “I’m never going to get a job like that.” These are examples of limiting beliefs that, if said over and over, again become truth in our minds. 

Over time, these beliefs negatively impact us. They keep us from making positive decisions, taking on new opportunities, and most importantly they inhibit us from reaching our full potential. Ultimately, limiting beliefs keep us stuck in a negative state of mind and hinder us from living a life we love.