Don’t leave money on the table.

Glassdoor estimates that employees could be earning 13.3% more on average if they negotiated their pay, and only about 40% of job candidates actually negotiate. 

The good news is, 84% of those brave enough to negotiate were successful in increasing their package. That’s going to be you!

Negotiation coaching will help you understand what you should even be negotiating for in the first place and then prepare you to lead a successful conversation around those goals.  We offer a high touch and personalized service so that you feel prepared to ask for what you want and need in your unique situation, whether it’s negotiating an initial offer, a promotion or anything else.

Our experienced career coaches will work with you to understand exactly what your goals are and to help you craft a plan and messaging to reach those goals.

How It Works

Our coaching memberships include a variety of e-coaching tools to use in tandem alongside live sessions with your coach.

Our Negotiations eCoaching module will help you calculate your desired salary range and will teach you critical negotiation skills.  This module covers:

  • Researching market rates and calculating your desired salary range
  • Adjusting your desired salary range based on critical factors like experience, geography and job requirements
  • Considering non-salary compensation and negotiation factors
  • Learning negotiation fundamentals to prepare for your conversation

Once you’ve completed your Negotiations eCoaching module, you and your coach will be extremely well-prepared to discuss the perfect strategy for how to achieve your goals in your upcoming meetings!

Negotiation coaching is just one of the many topics our clients discuss with their coaches.  As your career partner, our coaches are prepared to help you through job hunts, promotions, difficult encounters at work, changing industries, learning new skills and so much more.

Through your coaching membership, your coach can assist you in the following areas:

Finding the
Right Career Path
for You
Resume and
Cover Letter
LinkedIn and
Online Presence
Landing a
Your Job


Invest in your happiness

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Working with my coach made the experience especially positive. It was great to get clarity on my vision, values and goals and then to hone in on the jobs that would match what I want in my life. I feel like I’m on the path to the job of my dreams


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