CC - How Coaching Conversations are Structured
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Welcome back, .

Congratulations on learning the ADIT Coaching Framework.

You now have a powerful process to use for your coaching conversations.

As we discussed, the ADIT Coaching Framework can be used in two ways:

1) To structure a long-term engagement. For example, this could be used in ongoing relationships with your direct reports.
2) To structure a single coaching conversation. For example, this could be used for a one off coaching conversation with a member of your organization.

Furthermore, these two are not mutually exclusive. You can use the ADIT Coaching Framework to structure ongoing conversations with one of your team members and call upon the framework for each and every conversation throughout the year.

As you know, the ADIT framework won't always be clean and sequential and the different components will look different depending on how they are used. For instance, the "assess" phase in an ongoing relationship might include a performance review and 360 feedback assessment. Whereas in a single sixty-minute coaching conversation, the "assess" phase might only include a few simple assessment questions such as, "How are things going since we last met?" or "What is your greatest challenge right now?"

Your job and challenge as a coach is to use these different coaching components - assess, discover, implement and transition - appropriately and effectively depending on the circumstance.

In this module, we will cover how to

1) Effectively structure a coaching conversation
2) Use the ADIT Coaching Framework in a single coaching conversation
3) Start practicing with a real time case study

As always, you'll find today's coaching challenge and some additional resources at the end of the module.

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