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Making such a huge decision about your future can be daunting! Our Career Start program (CS) supports you every step of the way, empowering you to discover your passions, gifts, values and Purpose and then helping you find an optimal career direction aligned with these personal attributes. You walk away with a deep understanding of who you are, what you want and a concrete plan for how to step into your chosen career. The program consists of ten core [simple_tooltip content=’Our proprietary online coaching technology which mimics the experience of working with a live coach’]eCoaching™[/simple_tooltip] modules which you an do online anywhere anytime. The e-Coaching modules mimics the experience of working with a live coach and empowers you to come to your own insights, decisions and solutions.

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You Walk Away With

• 3 personal and 3 professional top passions

• 3 personal and 3 professional core values

• 5 unique gifts

• A powerful Purpose statement

• New strategies to integrate your passions, gifts and values into your life

• One short term and one long term goal aligned to your Purpose

• 3 career options aligned to your passions, gifts, values and Purpose

1 carefully selected optimal career direction

• Awareness of education and training requirements

• A personalized career plan including milestones, action steps and deadlines

• A personalized plan for enhancing the journey

• Access to a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey

• Optional course enhancements including resume writing and interview training

• On-demand support to land your ideal job

• Two in-depth reports for the journey ahead

How It Works

Career Start (CS) is a virtual coaching program which helps you explore the vast and complex job market in a simple, empowering and effective way. You are supported to discover your passions, gifts, values and Purpose and then align these to a meaningful career path. You will also develop a detailed plan with milestones, actions steps and deadlines in order to secure the position you want. To supplement the [simple_tooltip content=’Our proprietary online coaching technology which mimics the experience of working with a live coach’]eCoaching™[/simple_tooltip], you can access private coaching sessions at any time. You will also have access to a community of others going through the same process.

Using our proprietary [simple_tooltip content=’Our proprietary online coaching technology which mimics the experience of working with a live coach’]eCoaching™[/simple_tooltip] technology, CC is designed to mimic the experience of a live coaching session. You aren’t told what should be important to you. Our virtual coaching program helps you determine the critical attributes of your ideal career and evaluate your selected career options against those attributes. As the program helps you reach a decision, you are confident and committed to it because you know it is based on your own needs, wants and desires. To take it then a step farther, CS helps you craft a personalized action plan to achieve their goals and land your perfect job.

The program is broken down into two parts.  The first part is designed to help you illuminate your core Purpose and the second part is designed to help you translate your Purpose into a meaningful career path.  You can learn more about each part in the short videos below:

Part One: Illuminate Your Purpose


Part Two: Design Your Career

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They Said It, Not Us


I truly can't explain what an amazing job the Ama La Vida team has done with this program. The course is nothing short of excellence. The course has helped in more ways than i could have imagined. It helped surface my true passion and refine my values and career aspirations, while giving me the confidence and support to make a meaningful change. Previously, I had felt that it was too late to make a change, but the program made me realize that it isn't too late and empowered me to get out there and go for it!


The course was very supportive, informative and helpful during my career transition. Personally I was looking to make a change but wasn't sure which direction to head. I discovered that the exercises in the program were like someone handing me the keys to my own future. Ultimately it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do and how to get there, but the various questions, scenarios and quotes encouraged me to think and research in a different manner.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this journey of self-discovery. It's not an easy task to reinvent yourself, but this program was collaborative, interactive, and manageable. The coaches genuinely care about their clients and it is wonderfully easy to collaborate and engage in conversation. I've thoroughly enjoyed this program and it has earned my highest recommendation.


What a crucial time this came into my life. This program allowed me to assess not only the passions that get me out of bed every morning, but also what skills allow me to offer my absolute best self to the world. I am a firm believer that a society where everyone does what they love is the happiest and most successful society, and this program furthers that goal, one individual at a time. I am grateful that I was given the program to learn about myself before I begin a new chapter in life.


This learning experience was absolutely incredible, particularly because the course is tailored to YOU. Traditional career quizzes and counseling have never worked for me because they tried to put me in a box. This course is different because it helps you create your own life through short journal-type entries, instead of asking you to fill out multiple choice questions that pinpoint a usually imperfect future. I will treasure my final report containing all the hard work and realizations I've come to, and its already been a fundamental tool for deciding which path to follow. This course is a must for anyone that feels lost and craves a sense of direction. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I've made in a while- I couldn't recommend it more.


This program was a really eye opening experience. It helped me get all of my feelings and thoughts about my future path out in writing, preventing me from stressing more than I should and probably would have. The tips and tricks made me really explore myself in a greater depth than I ever thought I would at this point in time, whilst also making it fun to research and think about truthful answers. Every module was useful in its way, but when they all come together, it was an amazing experience. I also loved that the program was personalized and I could choose my own words, rather than being stuck with multiple-choice answers (none of which usually represent what I am thinking). The program helped me come to new insights about myself and my future, and I have now chosen a path that is much better aligned with who I am and what I love. I definitely feel a lot clearer about my path and am ready to start working towards a career that I know is going to make me happy.