ALV Career Method Self-Guided

Welcome to the ALV Career Method Program! This is a huge step. You have decided that your current job is not cutting it, and you want to find something more fulfilling, more meaningful or just something that doesn’t make you miserable from Monday through Friday. And if you’re working weekends too, well skip this intro and get started finding your next career already!

Throughout the next few weeks, you will explore the vast job market in a way that is structured and keeps you accountable to yourself, all while honoring your passions, gifts, values and Purpose. Remember that your work is completely confidential, so dig deep, be open-minded, be honest with yourself, and as always have fun with it!

To get started, click on “Part 1”. Each module includes a series of activities which will take roughly and hour to complete.  Some may take longer than others. However, there is no rush so please take your time. If you have any questions or technical difficulties at any time, please contact us here.

So get comfortable, pour yourself a drink (if you so choose), and enjoy! And congratulations on starting this very exciting journey.

– Your Amigos at ALV