Amp Up Your Productivity

0317 TOM ~ Amp up your productivity

Welcome to our productivity eCoaching tool. As always, your answers are completely confidential so please dig deep and allow yourself to be open and honest.

Productivity is an incredibly powerful skill to master. When we master productivity, we finish our work quicker, we get more done every day, and that helps us to feel happier and more accomplished. As we spoke about in the "Measure Your Productivity Tool" (if you haven't done it yet, you can do it here), being productive is not about being busy. In fact, using the right strategies to be productive and efficient can help make us feel less busy and can grant us more time to relax!

This eCoaching tool will take roughly ten to fifteen minutes and is broken into two parts:

1) Reflection and exploration
2) Strategies and action steps

You will finish this tool with:

1) A new awareness of what makes you most productive
2) A new awareness on what makes you least productive
3) New insights about what makes those around you productive or unproductive
4) 7 self-designed strategies to significantly improve your overall productivity
5) An accountability mechanism to keep you on track
6) Additional insightful productivity resources

Before we get started, here is a great little on the science behind productivity. It is just three minutes and a great introduction to this tool.

Do you think you could gain from any of these ideas? If so, keep them in mind for later on when you will be developing some of your own productivity-boosting strategies! But before we do, it is time for some deep reflection.

When you are ready, answer the questions below: