It’s Time to Get a Call Back

Did you know that employers look at resumes for only 6 seconds on average? That’s if your resume makes it through the dreaded Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and into the hands of a recruiter. You’ll have 6 seconds to stand out and get that call back!

At Ama La Vida, we understand the inner workings of these processes and systems and offer a high-touch and personalized service to help you land that dream job. Our experienced resume writers will work with you to understand the most important components of your work experience, what you’re looking to transition to and requirements of the specific jobs you’re applying for. They will help you translate your skills to best speak to the roles you want and optimize your resume to be found in today’s most-used recruiting platforms.


We Work With You Until You’re Satisfied

We get it! The process of finding the right career can be overwhelming. There is so much competition out there and to get a call back requires you to stand out in just 6 seconds. It can be difficult to put years of experience in only one or two pages. Our resume review specialists will do in-depth research to understand the skills you currently have, the specific role description of the jobs you’re applying for and put together a personalized document to help you stand out.

Our resume services include:

  • eCoaching module to help you extract the most important aspects of your experience
  • One session with your resume specialist to walk through your experience and goals
  • Comprehensive resume rewrite to optimize your resume for the jobs you’re seeking
  • One post-rewrite session to walk through resume updates and make any tweaks
  • Final resume document formatted for Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Unlimited access to our proprietary eCoaching module to help you learn the skills to update and polish your resume for the future

At Ama La Vida, we take a unique approach. Rather than just taking your resume and giving it back to you full of red mark-ups, we also want to help you learn how to get your resume into the best shape possible.  This serves three purposes:

1. You’ll know how to do it for the future (chances are, this isn’t the last job you’ll ever apply for, and you will want to customize your resume for each role)
2. You can use the tips and insights to also update your LinkedIn and other online profiles
3. It ensures that the time our Resume Specialist spends is as valuable as possible – taking your resume not just from “bad” to “good” but rather from “already good” to “rockstar-stand-out-always-gets-noticed”

It is for these reasons that we also provide you with a comprehensive eCoaching module.  Using the new tips and insights you learn in the module, you can update and tailor your resume to future roles.

There’s More to the Job Search

Resumes are a critical component of the job search, but they are just one part of it. Your resume alone won’t land you the job. Have you thought about cover letters? Your application strategy? Have you brushed up on your networking and interview skills? Click below to learn more about our comprehensive career transition coaching services and how we can help you land an amazing new job as quickly as possible!

They said it, not us…

I worked with Mel – She re-worked my resume and answered all my job search related questions. Well worth the money, I truly felt like they were there every step of the way. It was a very personal experience that I truly appreciated. I never felt like I was “just another client”, but rather it was a partnership to help get me to my next step in my career. I will definitely be going back to Ama La Vida if I need any other help moving my career forward.


After 12 years with I found myself in need of some help looking for a new opportunity and quickly learned so much had changed in the job hunt! I turned to AMA La Vida to help me craft my resume that showed my experience and also helped getting past the automated review systems. The team at Ama La Vida was AWESOME, extremely professional and developed a professional resume that reflect my personality and experience. Not to mention they did it within a few days, I would recommend them to help you build out your professional profile!