This is My Story

BA in Logistics from Ohio State University
Fisher Honors College Graduate

Hi, I’m Megan! I was born and raised in Ohio, and will proudly give you an O-H if it even looks like you might be a Buckeye fan. I graduated with a degree in logistics and started my career in Management Consulting. Like so many people, I quickly realized that what I thought I wanted on paper is not what I wanted in reality.

While it was a hard decision to make, I knew that getting out of consulting and aligning myself with my passions was what I needed to do for long term happiness. I made the decision to change my career path and become a recruiter, and it was like finding my perfect fit. I’ve worked in recruiting ever since, and specialize in diversity and MBA recruiting.

As surprising as this may sound, you’re allowed to have more than one professional path in life. I had the itch to find out what was next for me and completed the Career Designer Program through Ama La Vida. It opened my eyes to how I could shape my career, and has led me to this point – becoming a specialist for Get That Job at ALV!

As a Get That Job specialist, I will help you prepare the concrete steps necessary to finding your dream job. We’ll work hard and dig deep, but we’ll absolutely have some fun along the way. I take pride in understanding who you are to ensure you get what you need, so there is never a question too small!

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