MS Learning & Organizational Change, Northwestern University
BS Finance and Liberal Studies: Health & Industry, Bentley University
Certified Coach, Hudson Institute of Coaching
Boston’s Future Leaders, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

This is my story

Hello! I’m Alexa, a Leadership & Career Coach at Ama La Vida. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my coaching style.

Currently residing in Boston, I’ve also lived in other major U.S. cities and overseas – these experiences have allowed me to better connect with others, consider multiple perspectives, and discover more about myself. An optimistic realist who is passionate about empowered well-being and creating a sense of belonging, I am energized by building meaningful relationships, engaging in deep conversations, participating in activities that get my heart pumping, and taking the time to relax and/or unplug. You’ll likely find me working out at Barry’s Bootcamp, cycling on the Peloton or outdoors, taking tennis lessons, reading a book at the beach, cooking, or simply spending quality time with family and friends.

I’ve spent about a decade with the Big Four – including roles in Assurance, Talent Development Strategy & Innovation, and Human Capital Consulting. I’ve had the opportunity to not only engage with the C-suite across multiple industries but also collaborate with internal firm leadership to redesign a development program for early career & emerging talent. I learned that, professionally, I am most passionate about ongoing development, enhancing the employee experience, promoting well-being initiatives, building high performing teams, formally coaching direct reports, and informally mentoring others.

My Coaching Approach

Leaning further into the aforementioned professional passions encouraged me to take a leap of faith, pursue a coaching certification, and join Ama La Vida because I enjoy helping others discover their best selves, develop their leadership styles, navigate their careers confidently, manage career transitions, and re-evaluate their work-life fit cycle.

I tailor my coaching style to each client by kicking off with an initial chemistry call to actively listen and discuss topics including the following:

  1. What the client would like to get out of our ongoing coaching engagement (e.g., what would progress and/or success look like)
  2. What types of structure vs. non-structure align best with the client (e.g., concrete actionable goals versus broader exploratory targets)
  3. What potential roadblocks the client may anticipate (e.g., time constraints)

I also incorporate three main concepts into my style: Connect. Lead from behind. Reflect out loud.

  1. Connecting with my clients is key in building trust and providing a safe space – I believe in the saying “be curious, not judgemental.”
  2. I embrace leading from behind by asking clients powerful thought-provoking questions to help them better understand the relationship to the issue(s) at hand and support them in assessing the appropriate actions that best align with their short- and long-term goals.
  3. I encourage my clients to reflect out loud and together we celebrate both small and big wins – I appreciate when my clients come to their “aha” moments and/or reframe their narrative around a situation.


“Alexa is a wonderful coach to work with! She motivated, inspired, and challenged me to be the best version of myself through her thoughtful and genuine approach to career coaching. Alexa’s expertise provided incredible guidance and allowed me to confidently choose a direction when confronted with major decisions and forks in the road. I owe a tremendous amount to Alexa for helping me navigate difficult professional obstacles early in my career, and will continue to lean on her for support from a career and personal perspective moving forward. Thank you so much, Alexa!” – Matthew D., Corporate Strategy and Innovation

“Alexa is an excellent coach who helped me reach both career and personal goals! She helped me find the path to my professional journey with thoughtful questions and impactful conversations. Alexa helped me tackle diverse and complicated problems in the workplace – her diverse professional experience, empathy to understand individual situations, and objective perspective are evident in her support and guidance along the way.  Working with Alexa allowed me to become more self-aware beyond my work environment, and I now understand more about myself, including both my career and personal ambitions. Alexa takes the time to build trusted relationships with her clients, and I appreciate how she not only challenged me, but also celebrated both a promotion and a lateral move in my career!” – Antonio G., Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

“Alexa is a fantastic coach who helped me navigate a unique and challenging time in my career.  She actively listened intently to my needs, inspired me to follow my passions, and gave tailored suggestions for how I could achieve my goals.  Without Alexa, I don’t know where I would be today; she was very influential in my development and a strong advocate for my dreams. Thank you Alexa!” – Roy Z., Value Creation Strategy 

“Ama La Vida coaching was a great experience overall that prompted me to ask myself the hard questions and to take action towards a more fulfilling career and overall life.” – Natalie R.

Alexa was instrumental in helping me make a huge career shift, I could not have done it without her help! 

I felt very stuck in a career track that wasn’t what was right for this time in my life. I didn’t know how to get out of the rut though and into a different space. I was looking to go from an agency side marketing role to an in house role. Alexa helped me navigate the obstacles, figure out how to network myself into a position to interview, and ultimately get and accept an offer that is aligned with my goals and vision. Not only did she help me land the job, but she also helped coach me through the negotiation process as well as instill a confidence in me to go after what it was I truly was looking for. 

I cannot recommend Alexa enough to anyone looking to make a career move, whether it’s major or minor, she will help you get where you want to go through her very personalized and thoughtful, yet super smart approach.” – Hillary S., Marketing Transformation and Data Analytics