Amy Yandell Headshot

Master’s in Higher Education Leadership from Mercer University
Doctorate in Music from Arizona State University
Master’s in Music from Arizona State University
Bachelor’s in Music from Winthrop University

This is my story

Hi! I’m Amy Yandell and I’m a passionate coach who loves to work with clients ready to set off on a fact-finding journey together: from figuring out what you value, what you’re interested in, what you’re skilled at all the way to imagining, planning, manifesting, and transitioning into the next phase in your life.

For many years, I thought if I just had the right title, the right salary, was in the right company, was respected, had the degrees and letters after my name, was in the right relationship, had the right body/ate the right food, ran in the right circles, that my problems with “success” and “happiness” would be solved. But I had all of that at various times yet never felt successful or happy. Until I got right with what “work” meant to me, what I needed it to do for me in my life at each specific phase and how to set boundaries around it, I was destined to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

Do you have notions about how things “should” be? Are there aspects of your life where you’re letting other people -whether that’s friends, co-workers, society- tell you what “right” or “normal” or “success” mean? What if you decided that for yourself, you set the bar, you set the parameters and you were ultimately and finally clear about what success and happiness and boundaries mean for you in your life as it is right now? And then took action to bring those into reality?

You’ve absolutely got it within you. And bonus: You don’t have to do it alone!

If you’re a wanderer having trouble kicking into action, I’m here to challenge you into adopting a plan/process, taking action, and moving forward with clarity. If you’re a process-person that has a plan for everything, I’m here to challenge you into expanding your thinking outside of and beyond your well-laid plans, to ask deep questions and sit with the answers (even if they’re uncomfortable), and to dream and imagine possibilities you’ve not considered before. We’re in this together!

The bottom line is you don’t need permission to delve into what your needs are, what your own definition of “success” and “right for me” are, and then to take immediate action to manifest those things YOUR WAY. You have access to that at any time in your life, and there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW.

My Coaching Approach

My style is a mixture of exploration/using our imaginations and task/list-oriented work, depending on what your needs are at this specific point in your life. I see this as a partnership with my job being to listen, to help you process, to provide guidance/challenge you when needed, to help you with accountability, and to cheer you on as you manifest your new life.

I use assessments, worksheets, thought experiments, journaling and other tools to guide fact-finding and exploration as we get to know one another, but I also believe that forward movement and action-no matter how seemingly small-are crucial to launching your new path or direction as quickly as possible. So, in week 1 of working together, while we’re getting to know one another and you’re getting (re)acquainted with aspects of yourself and your goals, you’ll be jumping into action in an agreed upon way that sets you up for success.

I’ve been a hand-holder, a bold challenger, a co-dreamer, a list-maker, a cheerleader, an empathic listener, a calming presence, a boisterous advocate, an editor, a resume/cover letter reviewer, a mock interviewer, a box-checker, a thought partner, a difficult conversations practice partner…and more! Depending on your needs, I wear the hat that best suits what we’re working on and the context in which we’re working.

What my clients say

“Partnering with Amy was truly eye-opening. It marked my first-ever one-on-one experience with a career coach, and I must admit, it opened up a world of possibilities that I had never before considered.” – Caitlin R.

“I truly recommend that everyone meet up with a career coach for at least a few sessions. I contacted a career coach while I was in the “dumps.” I had just quit my stable, good paying job with no other job lined up. I felt awkward about getting a career coach thinking that was only for well-off people, but it truly helps to go through this process, especially with Ama La Vida where I felt welcomed and listened to since my in-take call. Working with a coach is a work in progress. Don’t give up, keep showing up and remember to implement the lessons you learn with your coach!” – Diana R-M.

“Amy changed my entire perspective of the job hunt. She really taught me entirely new actionable and conscious choices to help bare the mental and emotional load of seeking a new job. I am on a completely new mindset for how to view careers, networking, and job hunting.” – Amy K.