Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management and Organizational Leadership, Associate in Arts in Business Administration, Business Management, Associate in Science, Business Operations, Business Specialist, Operations Support and Services at Valencia College

This is my story

As a child, I found myself leading in multiple capacities. As a young participant in a children’s program, I frequently found myself in a place of facilitating and not participating. I found others coming to me with questions, seeking guidance, needing directions and just needing an extra push to their next place in life.

This pushed me into many positions where I was frequently called on to manage and lead those around me. In my desire to be the best version of myself, I vowed to be the business woman and professional I knew in my heart I was predestined to be. This was despite of the trauma, loss, misdirection, and lack of education, I endured as a child.

So moving into my adulthood, I created an ideal image of the life I desired to have. I knew I would have to work hard to get there. I did just that. But something was still lacking. I didn’t know how to live. So little by little I began to focus on my character, who I wanted to be: the healed version of myself. I had to accept many truths about my childhood and allow myself to come to terms with these truths. But something was still missing.

After a few world crisises and the loss of everything, I found what I was looking for. I spent so much time in my life, building, giving, sowing, pouring, self discovery, self analysis etc., that I had not learned to “carpe diem”. I had not learned to seize the day. I was presented with Ama La Vida in the season of my life where I was positioned to live, love, and to teach others the same.

So today, I challenge you to join our team as we push to create this same reality in the world as we know it.